Why You Should Apply by November 1

So you’ve looked around at different colleges and universities and you think you want to apply to IU. Great! Taking the first step towards becoming a college student and getting a list of schools together is extremely important. But, when should you apply? While IU is happy to have you apply at any point in your college search process, there are so many benefits to applying before November 1. If you still aren’t sure though, let me tell you why!

You’ll get highest scholarship consideration

When you apply before November 1, you are automatically considered for scholarships at IU (did someone say “free money”?). This was a huge factor in my decision to apply early! Like many of you reading this, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go to college. I was overwhelmed with thinking about how to pay for college and if I would have to take out loans. Thankfully, applying before November 1 helped relieve a lot of my stress, as I knew I would receive highest scholarship consideration.

When I ultimately decided to go to IU it was largely based on the generous scholarship offer I received, an offer that meant I wouldn’t have to take out loans or worry about working all the time to pay them back. This has allowed me to spend more time studying and pursuing my passions during my four years at IU. I have been able to get my SCUBA certification, work on a major presidential campaign, be an IU Admissions Representative, and volunteer in the local Bloomington community! All of these opportunities and experiences are in large part due to the financial burden that was lifted when I applied before November 1.

Applying early gives you peace of mind (and time to get excited about your new home!)

When you apply early, you get to check one more thing off of your college “To Do” list! By applying before November 1, I was able to spend more time with my family and my friends, and less time stressed about applications or how I would pay for school. Applying early also gave me more time to fill out my FAFSA, send in additional scholarship applications, and enjoy all of the “last firsts” of my senior year.

Best of all though, applying early allowed me to research all things IU, and get excited for all of the opportunities I would have once I became a Hoosier. By applying early, you will also have more time to learn all about your new home and the possibilities that await you, such as attending your first basketball game, catching a show at the IU Auditorium, dipping your toes in the Showalter Fountain, or trying one of the several amazing restaurants on Fourth Street!

You’ll be able to stock up on IU gear!

The earlier you know where you’re going to school, the more time you have to accumulate all things cream and crimson! You’ll be able to collect every item you need for sporting events, going to class, or going to the gym to work off all the  food you had from one of the diverse dining halls here. Plus, you’ll be able to show your Hoosier pride by letting everyone know where you’re going!

Ultimately, whether you decide to apply before November 1 or after, IU is the perfect place to call home for the next part of your journey. Indiana University, and the city of Bloomington, have given me so many opportunities over the last four years to pursue my passions and interests and to meet my best friends, all while receiving a world-class education at the Kelley School of Business. By choosing to make Bloomington your home, you are opening yourself up to opportunities and experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

So collect your transcripts, your letters of recommendation, and write that essay. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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