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Tired of counting down the days left of social-distancing? Here’s a trick: don’t. It’s easy to allow the ongoing events to take up your energy, but there are ways to help ease COVID-19 stress.


One method to manage stress during an uncertain time is to avoid constantly checking the news. By continuously checking media, you are allowing your thoughts to only focus on this one thing, therefore invoking more stress. If possible, avoid news outlets and minimize your interaction with the media once a day.

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Eat healthy

Another method to manage stress: EAT HEALTHY! There are therapeutic factors to a healthy diet and healthy food works in tandem with our gut bacteria, which also have an impact on our mental health. Learn more about the link between the gut and mental health on this Harvard Medical School page.

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Connect virtually

A third method to managing stress during an unknown time is to remember that even if you’re not in close contact with friends and family, you can still maintain communication and seek their support. Schedule a Zoom call and play an online game with your friends, have a virtual spaghetti dinner night, or have a movie night!

Coffee from kettle to cup

Practice self-care

Another method to manage stress is self-care. The beauty about self-care? It has different meanings for everyone. Some examples of what self-care looks like include:

  • Being active, from yoga to a 30-minute walk
  • Spending time alone
  • Putting your phone away for a technology break
  • Chatting with an old friend
  • Writing in a journal
  • Using face masks
  • Watching your favorite Netflix series

There isn’t a perfect way of easing stress, but remembering to practice what is best for YOU—whether it be a long call with a friend or making fudge brownies—is perfectly fine. Be easy on yourself and remember that we all react differently to stressful situations.

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