Make Every Cent Count: 3 Things International Students Should Know

When you finish the midterm, you should realize that it is almost half of the semester. Halloween and Thanksgiving Break is approaching! Do you think you had a good start of the semester? Do you think every day in the past two months was worth the money you have spent? Here are 3 things international students should know to make every cent they spend count!

1. Don’t choose the class which is easy only. Choose the class you can really learn something.

Almost every college student has the pressure of getting a good grades and graduating on time. Therefore, choosing an easy class becomes the hottest topic during any class enrollment month. Will you really learn something when you only choose those easy classes, which you do not really care what they are about? The answer is “No”. Going to college is the last step before you step into the real world. Learning some skills and becoming knowledge will help you to make the transition smoothly. Sometimes, the easy class can be the one you really need. However, the first priority when you choosing class is not “easy” but “learning”. First, find the class you need for the future. Second, choose the class that interests you the most. Third, check to see if it is easy or not. But please do not give up the class that fits the first standard because it is hard.

2. Weekends are not only about shopping and partying; there is something else.

IU has a great Art Museum on campus with special exhibitions every semester. Going to the museum with your friends or finding a good restaurant on 4th Street can be a fun day. Especially since the IU Art museum is free! IU has many student organizations and clubs which hold different kinds of events. Color Run, Little 500, and Dance Marathon are annual events you do not want to miss. Watching a show at the theater or a musical in the auditorium will give you and your friends a new conversation topic. Don’t forget that students at IU get student price. Both IU Auditorium and IU Theatre have a full season schedule of events.

3.  Every idea and every minute are priceless.

The basic factor that makes every cent count is: Don’t waste anything. Every thought is worth being expressed in class. Every idea is worth practicing in life. Every minute is worth saving for reading one paragraph of an excellent book.

Worth to....

Luyuan Li
Luyuan(Ruby) Li

Class of 2016

I'm a senior studying Journalism at Indiana University Bloomington. My minor and second concentration is Art History. I am originally come from Shenzhen, China, and came to America for high school when I was 17. I lived in St. Louis for four years and decided to transfer from Saint Louis University to IU as an International Transfer Student. I am a member of Internation Student Ambassadors.

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