5 Reasons to Choose IU Bloomington

Location, Location, Location

Bloomington is the most charming town with tons of local restaurants and small shops that are just a short bus ride from dorms and student living. The close vicinity of campus to the Bloomington downtown square makes it easy to meet up with friends for dinner or shopping after class.

Campus Beauty

The Indiana University Bloomington campus is nationally recognized for its beauty. Cosmopolitan ranks it at #26 nationally and Bestcollegereviews.org ranks it at #15 nationally. Throughout the year you can see landscaping and grounds-keeping crews maintaining the foliage and changing it seasonally.

Traditions & Rituals

IU was established in 1820 and has had plenty of time to establish traditions and rituals that are performed on campus, at athletic events, and just as an IU student. There is an endless list of traditions and legacies on the IU Bloomington campus and taking part in them makes you realize that you are part of something much larger than yourself! Pro-tip: there is an entire class that covers these, it is called IU Spirits and Traditions

Social Scene

The social scene in Bloomington is BUSSIN. There is always an event nearby whether it’s a university sponsored event, a Bloomington sponsored event, or just a get together for a tailgate on game day. I came to Bloomington with no friends on campus and the plethora of organizations made it easy for me to find a place where I fit.

Alumni Network

Graduating with a degree from Indiana University opens a world of possibility—yes literally an entire world! There are friends of Indiana University all around the globe; if you travel to another country, you’re bound to see at least one person in Hoosier gear. The prolific nature of our school has created worldwide opportunities for graduates which makes Indiana University a no-brainer. Whichever reason draws you in, I hope you’ll join me as a part of the Hoosier family!

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