2020 New Student Orientation

IU orientation goes online

Everyone is aware of the current conditions in our world, and here at IU we want to prioritize your safety and well-being. This is why we have made the decision to turn New Student Orientation (NSO) into the first of its kind to be held online! We are not taking this as a setback but as a new opportunity to experience a refreshing new start to students’ experiences going to college.

I know that personally I was worried at the beginning about how everything would play out, but I work with one of the most dedicated and hard-working teams I could ask for who really care about our studentsand now I’m nothing but excited. This process has allowed us to strengthen our own adaptability and channel creative new approaches.

We know this is a turbulent time for many, including our own staff, however, our enthusiasm around welcoming new students has only increased. The staff in the Office First Year Experience Programs is working endlessly in order to get everything just right for our new students.

What can students and guests expect?

Our orientation team is developing online modules that will cover everything—even more than what you would have experienced in person. Our top priorities are to personalize your transition experience, help you feel welcomed to campus, and address any fears you may have about the transition to online orientation.

We know some might be worried about losing out on important information, but our staff is making sure everything you need will be accessible at your fingertips now. Your NSO experience will be built around an advising appointment for course registration and modules that will cover many topics. These are accessible through a combination of written information, live-streaming, and prerecorded videos—all of which are interactive. 

You may also be concerned about connecting with others, as orientation is a time when you get to meet other incoming students. We noted that right away as an important part of the experience, so don’t worry. You will be able to connect with other new students and start friendships virtually through different interactive aspects of our online modules. We are excited to see everyone reunite on campus to build connections in real life, once you are able to join us here. You will also develop a personal connection between one of our NSO staff members over the phone and screen.

We hope students leave orientation with the same amount of enthusiasm about joining us on campus as soon as we can open our doors. We are so excited to hear from everyone expecting to participate in NSO this summer!

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