A Complete Freshman’s Guide To: Parent’s Weekend

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Chances are if you are an out-of-state student like me, your parents will not visit IU’s campus often. This means you will have to make the visit worth it. When my parents visited during Parent’s Weekend, I was forced on the spot to think of good places to take them. After all, they were only here for two days. I ended up showing them some unique places, but I would check out other places if I had to do it again.

IU Football Tailgate

I recommend this with caution. By no means would I dare to bring my parents to the student tailgate area. However, during Parent’s Weekend, there was a school-setup tailgate with a barbecue. We had the opportunity to talk to a dean and some of the other faculty members, which helped my parents to learn more about the school. There were other events setup near the stadium that were geared toward children, so if your siblings are visiting those will be good options as well. The football games provide great entertainment and you can’t go wrong with them especially if your family enjoys sports.

Indiana University Art Museum

I did not check out the Art Museum when my parents visited, but they were running events specifically geared towards Parent’s Weekend. If your parents come during Parent’s Weekend, I would strongly recommend that you check out their schedule because they host tours. The Art Museum is special because it is right on Indiana’s campus. It was established in 1941 and has over 40,000 pieces, including works from Picasso and Monet.


What’s a good visit without good food? There are plenty of great and unique restaurants in Bloomington you cannot go wrong with, but Baked! is truly like no other. The make-your-own-cookie concept is intriguing and fresh cookies and milk will leave your family with something they won’t forget. There are endless combinations of toppings and I am sure your parents will be surprised to learn you can put icing on cookies. I am sure the idea of freshly made cookies for delivery will blow their minds.


If you are going to Baked!, you won’t miss the most popular area in all of Bloomington, which has to be Kirkwood. There are endless amounts of restaurants and shops. I am sure you do not want to take your parents to try the dorm food, so taking them to Kirkwood may be a great alternative. By just walking down Kirkwood you can identify dozens of restaurants that have all types of different food. There are also many shops where you can find Hoosier gear to buy for your family as well!

– Ayaz Ghesani

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