11 Facts to Celebrate IU’s Anniversary

January 20th, 2017 marks the 197th anniversary of Indiana University. That’s right; our beloved school is almost 200 years old! To commemorate this momentous occasion, I have compiled some facts from moments in IU’s long and eventful history. Enjoy!

  1. The school was first called “State Seminary”, and then “Indiana College” before the name Indiana University was adopted.

At least a centuary old group photo of female students

  1. In 1867, Sarah Parke Morrison became the first female to attend Indiana University. She graduated in 1869.
  2. Andrew Wylie was hired as IU’s first president in 1829.
  3. The school’s first football team was formed ten years before the basketball team.

IU Football stadium old photo

  1. The Marching Hundred (formerly known as the IU Band) performed “Indiana, Our Indiana” for the first time ever in 1912.
  2. Herman B. Wells started his presidency in 1938.
  3. The first Little 500 took place in 1951.

Old photo of people dancing for IUDM

  1. Crest toothpaste was formulated by researchers at Indiana.
  2. IUDM started in 1991. Since then, the organization has raised over $28 million for Riley Children’s Hospital.
  3. Kelley School of Business was housed in Rawles Hall, then Woodburn Hall, before it moved to its current location in  Hodge Hall.
  4. IU Olympians brought back a total of 8 medals (five gold, one silver, and two bronze) from the Rio Olympics in 2016. Overall, 104 medals have been won by Olympians affiliated with Indiana University.

IU Olympians stand in front of crowd

“Indiana, we’re all for you!” Happy Anniversary, our cream and crimson school!

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