Why IU is Home for Me

For many high school seniors, choosing a university can be as fun as it can be scary! When I applied to IU, I knew that if I got in I would look no further for my future home. IU is such a special place and some people don’t realize it. Yes, there are those facts they give you on the visits about Herman B Wells and the alumni base. But why is IU so special to me? It all started with Traditions & Spirit.

Herman B Wells statue
Herman B Wells statue on campus

During my senior year of high school, I came to IU to visit a few friends who went here. It was Welcome Week and everyone was excited to start the semester. Traditions & Spirit was taking place the night I came. Traditions & Spirit is a night where all of the first-year students gather in Memorial Stadium (or sometimes Assembly Hall) and you get to hear the coaching staff, some students, and other people speak about IU tradition. Sure, it may sound boring. But as I looked up and saw the class’s graduation year (2020) on the score board, everyone dancing and beating the noise makers, and the fireworks go off, I knew that IU was where I wanted to be. (Check out this cool 360 photo of the Class of 2021’s Tradition and Spirits event!)

So yeah, I had this awesome experience as a high school senior but is IU still home for me now? The answer to that question is simple: of course! IU has so many opportunities for its students. As a first semester freshman, I have had so many opportunities already. I am in the Biology Club, where we volunteer around Bloomington and the science community; I am participating in IU’s Dance Marathon; I participated in the Intensive Freshman Seminar (IFS—there will be a post soon about this!); and I am also involved in intramural basketball. For some people, they would argue that you choose a school because of academics, location, etc. Well, IU is a top-ranked school in the perfect location. In Bloomington, you will never find yourself bored or tired of the town. There is always something to do! Overall, IU is an amazing place where you can meet so many amazing people. I have met some of my best friends for life already and I can’t wait for the next three and a half years. Go Hoosiers!

One of my best friends and me at my own Traditions & Spirit my freshman year. If you can go, I definitely recommend it! So much fun!
Kennedy Bunch
Kennedy Bunch

Human Bio Major, Class of 2021

I am a freshman human bio major at Indiana University Bloomington Class of 2021! Being almost a townie and familiar with the area, I'm so excited to share all of my tips and tricks of IU and the memories I make through my four years! Go Hoosiers!

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