IU 2020 Series: Yash Agarwala

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I cannot believe how much I have changed as a person from  freshman to senior year.

Joining a business fraternity, changing majors, exploring different opportunities, and becoming the president of the Technology Management Club are just a few examples of how much can happen in so little time. During my junior year, I started to explore different work and internship opportunities on the east coast. Over the summer, I have been a part of the Technology Consulting Workshop and secured an internship in New York at Ernst & Young.  EY is one of the Big 4 accounting firms, and I work under their advisory practice. Currently, I am on a technology project. Where we are helping the client implement an Oracle software for easier management of customer data. I’ve been pretty busy this summer developing these new workflows, but I’m enjoying myself as I’m gaining valuable skills. 
Spring break is always great too, I love getting to finally explore other countries after most of my semester projects are in!


Each and every experience right from the day I got to IU has helped me learn more about my capabilities and also helped me grow and become a confident person. In the future, I would love to work in consulting for a couple of years and then help my father with his business back home. 
I relied heavily on recommendations from friends and my high school counselor when choosing IU, and it has definitely lived up to my expectations. It feels great to be in a college town and explore the things Bloomington has to offer. I love the seasons here, especially spring.
My advice to freshmen would be to go out and explore restaurants and don’t just stick to the campus food. Look for options and don’t be afraid of failure. Always keep an open mind and never settle. I hope you enjoy campus life as much as I have enjoyed IU!
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Yash Agarwala

Yash is a senior studying Information Systems, Business Analytics, and Operations Management in the Kelley School of Business. He's one of 12 Indiana University students featured in the IU 2020 Series, a four-year documentary film produced by student interns in the Office of the Provost for the IU Bicentennial.

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