Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone

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Attention, shoppers— It’s that time of year again. As classes are coming to an end, the holidays are approaching quicker than you know it. It’s time to begin shopping for your loved ones.

Here is a guide that will help you along the way:

Mom: It is tricky deciding what to give your mom after all she has given you, but it’s not impossible. Why not give her something useful like a candle, picture frame, or robe? All of these gifts are easily found and sure to please.

Gif: candle

Dad: Luckily dads are generally pretty easily amused. Get him his favorite movie or even a sweater.

Gif: dancing

Sister: Your sister will probably be the hardest to please, so don’t overthink it. Starbucks gift cards are universally pleasing. Or you could get her a shirt from her favorite store. Makeup items such as mascara and lip gloss are some fun options as well.

Gif: drinking Starbucks

Brother: Your brother would probably enjoy anything technology- or sports-related. Why not headphones, an iPhone gift card, or even a football?

Gif: head bobbing

Grandma: Grandmas are almost always reading. A good book or a scarf for winter would be perfect.

Gif: granny posing on car

Grandpa: Grandpa would probably be happy with a new movie or even a new board game. Truly any activity that bonds your family together would be great.

Gif: dropping dice

Hopefully, these options help make your shopping a little bit less stressful. Enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year!

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