5 Things IU Alumni Miss About College Life

A group of IU students
This is IU

#5: Free Food

Did someone say free food?
There is nothing more amazing than free food in college! Whether it’s a local pizza place promoting a new menu item, a grad student bribing you to participate in their study, a student organization promoting an upcoming event, or the love of a parent buying you a burger at Opie Taylor’s, all these wonderful ways to get a free meal and more!

In case your need clarification on this first one: FREEEEEE FOOOOOOOD.

#4: Your Favorite Local Coffee Shop

Student studying at a coffee shop

As a college student, it’s perfectly acceptable to spend a fortune on delicious help-me-study-for-this-final coffee, but only if it’s from Soma on Kirkwood. Oh wait, that’s acceptable as an alum too! #BecauseCoffee

#3: That “Small-Town Feeling”

IU Sample Gates
You’ll always miss that small-town feeling you get on a college campus (even though the population nearly doubles during the school year) – especially at IU! I guess that’s the charm of old IU.


In 49 staes, its just basketball...but this is Indiana!

As you already know, you will miss everything Cream and Crimson! The die-hard fans. The exciting games. The banners. The most magical place in IU sports, Assembly Hall. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. #GoIU

And, just for fun, check out Brice Fox and Daniel Weber’s song, “This Is Indiana.”


#1: Little 500

Little 500 race
The largest collegiate bike race in the United States – “The World’s Greatest College Weekend”. Enough said.

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