4 songs that will make you proud (& pumped) to be a Hoosier

Indiana, Our Indiana

As Stevie Wonder once said, “Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.” Music brings people together and expresses things that sometimes, words just can’t. Since I’ve been listening to my collection of songs endlessly this Summer (I absolutely love music and have to have SOME motivation during all of my packing, unpacking and moving sessions), I wanted to write a post about four songs that make me proud and pumped to be a student at Indiana University. So while you’re missing IU and counting down the days to Welcome Week, listen to these beauties and GET EXCITED for the upcoming year!

  1. Indiana, Our Indiana 

Since this is IU’s official fight song, you just need to know it. When this plays at football games, students, alumni, staff and fans all join in. Another bonus: it’s the perfect opportunity to display those spirited fists to blades that you’ve been practicing and perfecting, all summer long.

  1. This is Indiana 

I discovered this song the summer before I attended IU and played it on repeat until I had the lyrics down. You don’t have to do that, but this. is. my. jam (and a lot of other Hoosiers’, too). Whether this song comes on at Assembly Hall or orientation, it consistently gets me excited and makes me drop whatever I’m doing to sing and dance (or jump up and down, whatever) along. This song in particular carries a lot of good memories with it and reminds me how much I truly love being a Hoosier, and how proud and fortunate I am to attend Indiana University.

  1. (Back Home Again in) Indiana

I couldn’t include one or the other, because I love both versions. Jim Nabors is the traditional singer of the song, which he sung at the Indy 500 for 36 years. After he retired from singing the song in 2014, Straight No Chaser picked it up in 2015 after singing it previously for various events. Both performances have their merits. A Hoosier at heart and an acapella group that was formed at IU, how can you choose just one?

  1. We Are IU 

WHEN WE BLEED, WE BLEED CREAM AND CRIMSON. And if you don’t…well, you might want to go get that checked out by a professional.

Morgan Klingelhoefer
Morgan Klingelhoefer

Class of 2017

I'm Morgan Klingelhoefer (pronounced HEY fer) and I'm a senior at IU majoring in Nonprofit Management with a minor in psychology. I love to be involved and am a part of Leadership Advisory Board, Independent Council, Dean's Advisory Board, and am a blogger & pinner (see our Pinterest here) for WeAreIU. I also help facilitate leadership retreats with the Office of Student Life and Learning and am a part of IU's IU2U program! I absolutely love IU and can't imagine having chosen anywhere else. I can't wait to share all of my college experiences, lessons learned, and random things about my time here with you all. Feel free to follow me on social media or contact me at my person email below to talk about whatever your heart desires!

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