Your Ultimate IU Pizza Guide

A pepperoni pizza

I, like most college students, love my pizza. So here is a guide to all of the pizza places I know about in Bloomington.

1) Aver’s – This is by far my favorite pizza place in Bloomington. Once you try the Cream & Crimson, you’ll never go back. (You’ll also find yourself needing to go to the gym more often.) Aver’s gourmet pizzas have won several national awards. Aver’s is also home to the Loganberry drink, which is a delicious fruity beverage. Furthermore, Aver’s has the best deal on breadsticks. They give you 12 breadsticks and a dipping sauce for a little under $4.  With the Crazy Aver’s Deal, you get the 12 breadsticks and dipping sauce, 2 22 oz drinks, a medium one-topping pizza, and 2 cookies all for $12. The downside, the non-gourmet pizza that comes with the Crazy Aver’s Deal (so Pepperoni, Cheese, etc.) is just average. My suggestion: Go here if you want the expensive, yet fantastic pizzas and the cheap breadsticks. If you just want a slice of pepperoni, go to Pizza X. For more information about Aver’s, click here.

2) Pizza X – Freshmen, there is a Pizza X conveniently located on campus across from Ashton. That’s right, you don’t have to get on a bus or pay a delivery charge. Pizza X has good, classic Pizza at an affordable price. The Big X Bargain gets you a large one-topping pizza, 2 22 oz drinks, and “breadstix” for $14. Their 22 oz. cups are very collectible and come in fun colors. In fact, all of the cups I am drinking out of in my apartment right now are Pizza X cups. They also periodically do fun promotions, such as giving away free breadsticks at the beginning of the year or giving you a t-shirt with the purchase of a Big X Bargain. They offer specialty pizzas, but I’ve never tried one. I’ve never heard of anyone else trying one. Stick with the regular pizzas here.

3) Mother Bear’s – Mother Bear’s has been rated Bloomington’s Best Pizza by an IDS poll for 7 consecutive years. It is the favorite of many-a-Hoosier. I am not one of those people. Granted, I’ve only eaten there once. The pizza I had was one with the sauce on top. Pizza sauce is probably my least favorite ingredient on a pizza, so I don’t want my food smothered in it. BUT, I’m assuming that you, like 99% of IU students, will love Mother Bear’s. Mother Bear’s is located on 3rd street by Forest. The Munchie Madness deal gets you a 10-inch one-topping pizza, an order of breadsticks or cheese bread, a 2-liter of Pepsi and 2 brownies for $11. A large one-topping pizza is $15. They also serve several specialty pizzas.

4) Cafe Pizzaria – Cafe Pizzaria was Bloomington’s first pizzaria, founded in 1953. It is located on Kirkwood semi-close to Kilroy’s. Cafe Pizzaria was ranked the 4th best pizza place in the midwest by Popular Plates magazine in 2010. This place is actually more famous for their stromboli than their pizza. I have never actually eaten here, but you can bet I will be trying it out. You can get a 16-ince one-topping pizza for around $16, or a 14-inch for $13.

5) Baldy’s Pizzeria – This place is located on Old State Road 37. Don’t know where that is? They deliver. I’ve never heard of them. My friends have never heard of them.

6) Mad Mushroom – If the Purdue kids like this place up in West Laf, then I guess we should too. Mad Mushroom is located on North Walnut. They have a deal where you get a large one-topping pizza and large cheesestix for $17. They have a different deal each weekday as well. Mondays you get a large pizza for $5; Wednesday you get an extra-large pizza for $8, etc. They also have really good grinders.

7) B-town Pizza – This place apparently closed, which I found out as I tried to look up their website. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on much.

8-12) Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Noble Roman’s, Little Caesar’s, Papa John’s – These are all larger chain restaurants that have locations in Bloomington. Personally, Papa John’s is my favorite out of these choices. Since these places are all over the U.S., I don’t feel the need to explain about them. You know how to Google.

Happy eating, Hoosiers.

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