Wright Food Court: Everything You Need to Know (Including Healthy Options!)


If you live in the Central Neighborhood, you’ll most likely end up in Wright Food Court once or twice (or if you’re like me, everyday!) While gorging yourself on pizza and fries sounds awesome, after the first few weeks of college you’ll be hungry for some new meal ideas, as well as healthier alternatives.

This simple guide will explain every food station, also known as a “concept,” that is available in Wright Quad, as well as provide the most popular item and a healthy alternative.

Cream & Crimson Creations

Crimson Creations – Your go-to for smoothies, coffee, and sweet treats. Baked goods are available here, both dessert and breakfast pastries.

Most popular item(s): Cinnamon sticky bun and donuts

Healthy alternative: Whole grain bagel with peanut butter and honey

Mesa Mexicana – American-Mexican cuisine

Most popular item: Burrito – flour wrap with beef, rice, cheese, salsa, and sour cream

Healthy alternative: Taco salad – lettuce, tomato, corn salsa, chicken and guacamole

Amore Ristorante – Everything Italian including pizza (deep dish and regular), pasta, and salad

Most popular item: Chicken breast and pasta with pesto alfredo and a garlic breadstick

Healthy alternative: Chicken breast and pasta with marinara and a Caesar salad

Indiana University food court

Charley Biggs – They have all kinds of chicken and side dishes including mac and cheese, potato wedges, mashed potatoes, biscuits, corn, and carrots.

Most popular item: Spicy chicken wrap with lettuce, tomato, and ranch

Healthy alternative: Rotisserie chicken with carrots and corn

Flamingo Grill – Serves all of your breakfast needs (pancakes, sausage, French toast, hash browns, bacon, waffles, eggs, omelets, etc) and made-to-order sandwiches (burgers, veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches, etc)

Most popular item: A breakfast buddy with egg, sausage, and cheese on a bagel

Healthy alternative: A breakfast buddy with egg and turkey on an English muffin

(Pro-tip: breakfast is available all day you just have to special order it after 11am!)

Erbert and Gerbert Sandwiches Also known as E&G, this concept makes gourmet sandwiches on fresh baked bread. They have a wide variety of soups, too.

Most popular item: The Vesuvius – oven baked BBQ chicken, pepper jack cheese, banana peppers, and onion on French bread

Healthy alternative: The Narmer – turkey, tomato, avocado, and lettuce on whole wheat bread

Indiana University Dinning Hall

Pacific Rim Asian Cuisine This is not a concept you want to visit if you’re in a hurry! The food takes time to prepare (about ten minutes on average), but that’s because it is fresh! You can choose your protein, veggies, and rice.

Most popular item: Breaded chicken with broccoli with stir fry rice and teriyaki sauce

Healthy alternative: Grilled chicken with broccoli with brown rice and chili garlic sauce

Classic Comforts – The main entrée and side dishes will rotate each week, which is always a nice surprise.

Most popular item(s): Grilled Chicken breast with mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese.

Healthy alternative: Grilled chicken breast with wild rice and cooked vegetables.

Salad/Soup/Fruit/Potato Bar – the name is pretty self-explanatory. The salad bar offers a wide variety of toppings and salad dressings. The soup rotates every day, some days it will be chicken noodle, other days it will be chili, and so on. The potato bar offers both baked regular and sweet potatoes with toppings.

Remember, there are other food options available for purchase, such as pre-wrapped sandwiches and fruit/veggie cups (labeled as Good2Go for a meal on the run), chips, granola bars, assorted whole fruits (mainly apples, bananas, and oranges), yogurts, and a plethora of bottled beverages.

Did You Know…

Every IU student receives a FREE 30-minute nutrition session once a semester with a registered dietitian? To make an appointment, call 812-855-7338.

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