Why Wright Quad is IU’s Best Dorm

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It’s no secret Wright Quad doesn’t have the best reputation on campus. In fact, many people probably view Wright as the least desirable dorm at IU. Why? Well, Wright is the oldest dorm on campus. Therefore, it’s lacking many of the bells and whistles the newer dorms have. Wright famously doesn’t have AC, and the Wright food court is seen as subpar to Forest’s new dining hall. The rooms are dated and the bathrooms are nothing to write home about. But I am here to tell you that what Wright Quad lacks in poshness, it makes up for in charm. It’s true – the oldest, least glamorous dorm of them all is actually the best place to live on campus.

Here’s why:

  • Location. Location. Location.
    It’s an old saying, but location really is everything. Wright is the closest dorm to many of the main buildings on campus and it’s right across the street from Wells Library, a place you will undoubtedly be spending a great deal of time. It also is very close to the SRSC!
  • The Food Court
    Many people will tell you “Forest is better.” Forest is good, but the food is overpriced for the quality, and eating there frequently is a great way to run out of meal points. Wright’s food court isn’t perfect, but having one in your building is unbelievably convenient. Wright actually has some great options (the biscuits and gravy will change your life) that won’t push you over your meal points limit.
  • The C-Store
    Oh, the C-Store. I spent more time here than I care to admit freshman year. There are tons of options – and you can use your meal points! It has great hours, but the best part is, undoubtedly, Djiby. You will know who he is soon enough. He never failed to make my day every time I saw him last year. He will learn your name pretty quickly if you live in Wright and visit the C-Store semi-regularly.
  • Aesthetic
    The Wright courtyard really is beautiful and boasts a lot of mature trees, not to mention the sand volleyball court and the basketball/tennis courts.
  • Camaraderie
    Living in a place without air conditioning really brings people together. But honestly, it’s only bad for a few weeks.

Overall, living in Wright Quad could be one of the best things that happens to you at IU, if you take advantage of and recognize the perks of living there. I know it made my freshman year experience special and unforgettable.

Wright Quad on an autumn day
Wright Quad on an autumn day. Photo taken by Gwynneth Hurley
Gwynneth Hurley
Gwynneth Hurley

Journalism major, class of 2019

My name is Gwynneth and I am an IU sophomore studying journalism, hoping to have a career in the field of public relations. Writing and reading are my two greatest loves, but I also enjoy history, psychology, politics, and learning about different cultures.

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