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McNutt. The Nutt House. Whether you want to live in McNutt or not, you’ve no doubt heard of its reputation. Those looking to party envision McNutt as the best party around while those on the other end of the spectrum look at McNutt fearful of not being able to sleep or study in peace. But let me tell you: it’s not what you think.

I lived in McNutt during my freshman year. Moving from home to the dorm seems imposing, but McNutt proved to be the perfect place for me to transition to college. Yes, we had fun. I met some of my best friends in McNutt as we went out together on weekends, pranked everyone on our floor and may have held an indoor Little 500 race on actual bicycles in mid-February. But we also worked through homework together, studied for finals together and worked our way into honors programs together. Yes, McNutt has its fun, but McNutt also provides an environment to achieve. Without further ado, get to know the best dorm on campus (I’m a little biased).


McNutt sits at 1101 N. Fee Lane, just north of 13th Street. Confused as to where that is? How about this: a 5-7 minute walk from the Kelley School of Business, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), the psychology building and Assembly Hall. A 10 minute walk from the geology building, the informatics building and Memorial Stadium. None of that interests you? How about a 10 minute walk to either the Student Recreational Sports Center or the IU Health Center, across the street from outdoor basketball and tennis courts, down the street from the outdoor pool and next to two other residence halls (Briscoe and Foster) so you can meet/make more friends.

Floor make-up

Every floor in McNutt is co-ed except for one. Yes, guys and girls live next to each other. Each floor has nine distinct bathrooms each with a toilet, sink and shower. Everyone shares these nine bathrooms, but when you’re using that bathroom, you get it all to yourself. Each floor also has a lounge at the end of the hall with a TV, tables and couches to use for studying or hanging out with friends.


Best. Food. Period. McNutt has its own small shop for food, similar to a convenience store, but better than any you’ve ever been to. Weekly meal selections such as quesadillas, pasta, BLTs, Thai food, wings, French toast, pancakes, omelets and breakfast sandwiches: to die for. Does it have coffee, you ask? Not just coffee, Starbucks. How about chips and drinks and cereal and pastries and frozen meals and fruit and candy? Yes to all. You never have to eat a meal outside of your dorm.


Double rooms at McNutt are roughly 10’x15’: not the biggest you’ve ever seen, but more than enough room to live comfortably. McNutt offers a handful of singles and triples, but for the most part you’ll have a roommate. In addition to beds, you’ll find two built-in-wall desks with four drawers a piece, two built-in-wall closets with sliding doors and overhead storage and a small, movable bookshelf. Most people opt to bunk or L-loft their bed to open up more space, but leaving both beds to stand alone is also an option and provides more storage space under your bed (if you go this route, buy bed risers for even more space). Regardless, invest in the plastic drawers from Target, Wal-Mart, etc. to ensure you stay organized throughout the year. No one wants to hang out in your messy room.


The Kelley Living Learning Center comprised of only business focused students, whether direct admits or not. Students living in the KLLC take a class together each semester, attend personal development seminars and lectures from successful people in business and put on a variety of events to build their community. The KLLC occupies 10 of McNutt’s 26 floors.If interested, you must fill out an application and write a brief essay to be considered. I lived in the KLLC during my freshman year and would recommend it to students both set on studying business and those curious about business.


In addition to everything above, McNutt also offers its residents two computer labs, an assortment of classrooms, a small library for renting books or movies (mostly movies), two musical practice rooms and a full-service front desk including mail delivery and lock-out assistance.

Bryan Hunt

I'm a junior majoring in Economic Consulting and Business Analytics in the Kelley School of Business. When I'm not studying, I work as a RA, give campus tours at the Office of Admissions, play a variety of intramural sports with my friends, or sample seemingly every restaurant in downtown Bloomington. And yes, I have run out of shows to watch on Netflix.