Ultimate Residence Hall Guide: Eigenmann

Roomates sitting outside of a dorm

Welcome to Eigenmann!

Get ready for the best year of your life. Living in college dorms is truly a once in a lifetime experience.  No matter which IU neighborhood you end up in you will have roughly 50 kids on your floor. Odds are someone will always want to do something whether it’s going to the library, catching an IU sporting event, or checking out the newest fourth street restaurant. There will always be someone around looking for fun.  The bonds you make on your floor are unlike any other.


Eigenmann is located in the central neighborhood for an overview of the other neighborhoods.  Eigy sits at 1900 E 10th street, right on the edge of campus.  The E bus will be your best friend. Conveniently across the street the E bus will take you all around camps, the union, and Kirkwood. When the winter comes around being located on the bus line is a great treat. Lucky for you the dorm has two bus stops with access to three different bus routes! The Bloomington bus to college mall/target stops on the side of the building! This provides an easy free way to get to pick up groceries and anything else from the mall.  Eigenmann is also the closest dorm to the SRSC. Free Zumba classes and a world-class gym are just a few steps away. There will come a day when dorm food gets old luckily Pizza X and Jimmy Johns are right across the street!


On the first floor Eigenmann has it’s very own computer lab stocked with computers and printers free of charge. For nights when its too cold to walk to the main library Eigy has it’s very own. In the basement of the dorm there is a mini library providing a quite place to study late into the night.


Located in the central neighborhood the closest cafeteria is in Wright, only a short walk away.  Although I didn’t spend much time there because Eigenmann has it’s very own convenience store, cafe, and a Cool Beans coffee shop that serves Starbucks drinks!

The Union Street Center (on campus apartments) are across the street! This a great dinning option for healthy eaters! Various organic drinks, healthy granola bars, and many gluten free snack options can be found here!

When dorm food isn’t cutting it for you anymore, many Bloomington food options are just across the street. Pizza X, Jimmy Johns, bubble tea, Subway, Red Mango are all less then a two minuet walk! Many of those restaurants can be purchased with your student ID through campus access.

The only compliant I have with the food around Eigenmann is how easy it is to get! Very dangerous watch out for the freshman 15!


The Rooms Are HUGE!!! Much bigger than anything else I’ve seen on IU’s Campus. An unique benefit to eigy are the half walls that create a divide between you can your roommate. They allow each roommate to decorate his or her side to their hearts desire without intruding on the other.

Each room comes with an extra long twin size bed, dresser, wardrobe, and desk. As you can see in the picture below you will have plenty of room for your own fridge, microwave, and in the back corner I even squeezed in some extra shelving purchased at target.

A dorm room


Above is one of the most common layouts with all my furniture on one side of the diving walls, I can’t say enough about the mini walls, they really make you feel like you have your own room.


A dorm room


Another view of the dorm, in the beginning of the school year my roommate and I decided to put both of are beds on the same side of the room, you will have plenty of room do so but in the end we found it most convenient to each have are own space.

If your looking for easy access to Bloomington busses, various in-dorm food options, and BIG rooms Eigenmann is the place for you!

If have any questions about Eigenmann or dorm life in general please feel free to contact me!

Until next time, Lo

Lauren Smith