Three Years and One Degree Later…

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It’s almost here. My last week of undergrad. I honestly did not picture this day coming so soon. I have a countdown on my phone of days until graduation, and yet it still stuns me when I realize that it is only days away. On May 5th, I will have the Class of 2018 sitting with me at our graduation ceremony and I’ll have my family and boyfriend watching from the stands. In these past three years at IU (yes, three years), I have made so many memories and had so many experiences that I will forever value. I am just one student and while I may not have made a lasting impact on IU, IU has certainly made a lasting impact on me.

Here is to the freshman me walking to class on the first day to prepare myself for only the beginning of a continuing educational career. My orientation and registration had gone well, so I thought I was prepared. I wanted to be a doctor, but it turns out that is not the right choice for me. Let me just say that biology and chemistry are not my friends nor will they ever be. Also during this time, I joined Brothers and Sisters at IU and learned so much about other cultures and the world. (I became club president this past year!)

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Flash forward to August 2016, a little over one year removed from high school. I was working as a Welcome Week assistant for Read Hall when I learn that a friend of mine had died. IU and my friends here were by my side until I could go home and mourn with the rest of the community. The 2016-2017 school year was a rough one, not academically but personally. We all have semesters where the hits just keep coming. I am here to tell you that I still made some of the best memories of my life during this time, like when my friends got splashed by a car that hit a huge puddle right outside the Psych building. I had plenty of adventures, including relaxing by the totem pole and volunteering to hold babies at the hospital as a “Cuddler.” I accepted an internship position in January of 2017, too. This internship with the Indiana Cutters solidified my decision to work in the sports industry, and I am the current Intern Coordinator for this season. (Shout out to my team! I love you more than you know!)

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It is now my last week of senior year. When I move to Cincinnati in a few months for graduate school I am going to miss IU’s gorgeous campus, my friends, and all the opportunities for growth that this university has given me over the years. During senior year I have worked extremely hard at my job, my academics, and my internship. I am thriving here and it is going to be strange not coming back “home” to IU. It has been a relaxing, but also busy, past two semesters. My friends have kept me laughing over our shenanigans. I have made even more friends in my classes and it is crazy to know we won’t see each other again (or not as often) once we officially become alumni. (I filled out something for the Alumni Association today and that in itself seems nuts.) This will be my last¬†We Are IU¬†article and that is also bittersweet. You can check out my other ones just to see what has gone through my mind since senior year began.

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The readiness, anxiety, and nervousness has hit as finals week approaches. It is my last undergraduate class, my last undergraduate final, my last time seeing some of these people again, and we all have this bond of “just get through the week.” To those approaching graduation with me, I offer you congratulations. For those who are just entering IU, best of luck. To those who are already here, keep making some of the best memories of your life here. I would not trade my experience at IU for anything.

I’m ready for the adventures that I will encounter in the upcoming year as I leave IU a Hoosier and make my way to Xavier as a new Musketeer. This is a thank you to my friends and family for pushing me towards the opportunities I have had here. And thank you, IU, for everything!

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Bailey Tingley
Bailey Tingley

Psychology Major and Cutters Intern

Hey guys! I'm a senior Psychology student with an undeniable passion for life. It's rare to find me completely out of sorts and feeling down on myself. I am a lover of adventure, the medical field, German soccer, and Cutters football. When I'm not completely immersed in sports, school, work, internships and volunteering, you'll catch me laughing at ridiculous jokes, making a blog post for We Are IU or attempting to sleep.

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