Things To Bring To Your Dorm Room!

A girl moving into a dorm

This is mainly for those living in Wright Quad next year at IU. I am pretty sure you would need a lot of these things in any dorm too!

Okay, this is a lot so be prepared. These are things I wish I would have had/I had and was thankful I did. In Wright, the dorms are very old. There is no air conditioning. Your furniature is probably chipped. It’s all wood. There are no closets-just wardrobes. Everything is really tight. But, you can move stuff around and make it your own. Don’t worry, I will show you pics. I will tell you what worked for me. But first thing’s first: What to bring.

  1. mini refrigerator. DUH! You want to have a place where you can save left overs/store drinks (nonalcoholic)! You should get one that has a mini freezer in it too. They have ice cream in the C store (which is like a little gas station type store) and you will want that when you are late night studying! Also,get the bigger kind of mini, not the mini mini kind. Mine was a 3-time-hammy down from my brothers! Here’s what it looked like:
  2. microwave. This is another biggy. A girl (or boy)’s got to heat up her/his food. Yep Yep. Any microwave will work. Mine was again a hammy down.
  3. curtains.Yes-on those days where you want to sleep in and skip class…I mean…on the weekends, curtains will be very  good to you. We did not have these. We used our blinds, which weren’t of much use because they were broken. So we just dealt with it the whole year..I actually don’t really know the reason why we didn’t ever get them..I was too lazy. But, now you know. Get these before you get there! The curtains will need to have their own bar and stuff too–there’s no curtain rod in the dorms, you have to put it all up yourself.
  4. Sticky Hooks. These were amazing to put on the walls to hang up your towels, robes, necklaces (I had long chains), bags, anything! They are really sturdy (if you get the thicker/bigger ones). I would get like 5 packs and stock up for the whole year in case you change your room around and need to take some down/switch them out. These were very helpful and created a more efficient way to use the space!
  5. Sticky Tack.I hate sticky tack, but they make you use it because they don’t want you to put tape on your walls. So I would buy some at first, but just to let you know-if you are trying to hang up posters with this, they always fall down! Grr. But it is nice because once you finally get them to stay on, the sticky tack won’t ruin the posters at all. Just bring some.
  6. Clear Scotch Tape(Heavy Duty). Okay this was a life saver for my roommate and I!!! We used one roll for the whole year. It lasted that long. We used it for EVERYTHING! You will want this. And get the kind that’s in this picture on the left. You can hang up pics, cable cords, lights, whatever with it. We used it for soo much. It was so helpful. Now technically, they don’t want you to use tape in your dorm, but this kind of tape is clear, and you will want it.
  7. hanging shoe rack/some sort of shoe bin that would fit UNDER your bed. Okay I still don’t know where the best place to put all of my shoes was. First I had them all in the bottom of my wardrobe under my hanging clothes. Then I had them under my bed. Then I had them in a shoe rack (but it was really wimpy) under my bed. I don’t know. I would say put them all under your bed (if your bed is on the bottom) in some sort of bin or shoe rack. You do want to have something though, because it will get really cluttered in that small space. So get something that is really short (the beds are really really low) and sturdy that you can just pull in and out under your bed. Yea, that’s what I wish I had. If you are on the top bunk or don’t want to do that under the bed thing, you can put them in square bins in your wardrobe shelves, or get a hanging shoe rack and put in on the side of your door/on the wall with a sturdy hook or something!
  8. A long pillow.Especially if you don’t have a fouton (foutons don’t really fit well in Wright dorms unless you have your room a certain way), people will sit on your bed, or you will want to sit on your bed and do homework, so having a big back rest is nice. Plus, it makes the room look homey.
  9. extra hangers.I always lost mine, so yea. Also-if you don’t want to spend money on drying your clothes, just hang them on hangers around your room lol.
  10. Bins.(1-2, maybe 3)Okay here are the different kind of bins that will fit in your shelving space:

You could put these in your wardrobe thing (your wardrobe will have one big closet area to put your hanging clothes with room to put stuff at the bottom, and then another shelving thing that is on top of that.) If you hate having your stuff just by itself in big shelving spaces, get bins. Otherwise, you can get like little bins or little shelves, but this size would fit in there.

  1. Laundry Hamper.We kept our laundry hampers behind our door, out of the way. Get one that could easily fit in a small space or like behind the door.
  2. A TV. This is optional. I personally never watched the TV because I always just used my labtop. But, you might want to use it for games or movies and such. We don’t get a lot of channels but we do get IUSTV (watch it, cuz I’m on it.), Bravo I think?, Home decorating shows, idk.
  3. Rain boots.I wish I would have brought them.
  4. Rain jacket?I know, weird..but you will get tired of your clothes constantly getting soaked!
  5. School Supplies-Typically you will just need (depending on what kind of classes you take) notebooks, folders (or binders—but folders are lighter and fit in your backpack better…and you will have to carry stuff around campus all day) pencils, HIGHLIGHTERS, etc. Now, a lot of my classes I just took notes on my labtop. It just depends on the class. If it’s smaller, some teachers won’t allow labtops. If it is a big lecture, usually you would use your labtop. I would still get notebooks and folders though because you will use them eventually. At least I did.

JUST FOR GIRLS (Or guys, whatever!)

Now where the heck are ya gonna keep your jewelry, scarfs, bags, hairspray, blow dryer, etc…!??!?

There are plenty of options. Here is what I found best for me:

  1. For rings, bracelets, and earrings, I used one of these:

I kept this thing just on my desk so that it was easily accessible. For me, if jewelry isn’t in front of me I will forget about it. So I had stuff like this for my jewelry so I could and would always use it!

  1. For headbands/hair accessories:

I just used a plain white plastic little bin thing. I put this in my desk drawer ( I had make up all in one drawer, and hair stuff in another) so that when I was getting ready at my desk, I wouldn’t have to get up for hair stuff because it was in the drawer!

  1. For hairdryers/curling irons (and my straightener I just kept on my desk since I used it the most): I used a little cute little bin like this: At first I just kept this like on top of my desk (there’s a higher shelf on your desk) but then my roommate decided we could share, so we had it on a shelf that we both shared. Or you could keep it under your bed and easily get it out whenever you need to. There’s a lot of ways to put stuff/organize it..look at the pics on the bottom of this post!
  2. For smaller necklaces: I had two of these things on the top shelf of my desk. They are cute and decorative and easily accessible! I strongly recommend them. For longer necklaces/chains–use a sticky hook and put it inside your closet door! That’s what I did and it worked out perfectly!
  3. Everything else (scarfs, bags, etc) can esaily be put on hooks either on the walls, or on the closet doors. Get the sticky hooks, I’m tellin ya! Also, there’s like a bar thing inside your closet door (wardrobe door I guess) wear you can hang scarfs and belts and things!
  4. Last but not least, mirrors!! Get a one for your desk, and 1 or two full sized ones. For the full sized ones, get something that you can hang it on the back of your door with!
Kelsey Carlisle