The Ultimate Guide to Wright Quad Residence Hall

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OR “The Truth About Wright Quad, as Told By a Third Year Resident”

Wright Quad Staff 2015-2016
Wright Quad Staff 2015-2016

If you’re reading this, I want to be the first to congratulate you on successfully being placed in THE BEST residence hall on Indiana University’s beautiful campus. You’re about to embark on a new and exciting journey, and Wright will become your temporary home away from home.

That’s right, you heard me, you’re living in Wright Quad! Now, I know what you’re probably thinking…

  • Wright doesn’t have A/C!
  • Wright is so old!
  • Nothing ever happens at Wright, I wish I lived in the northwest!
  • Wright has the “virgin vault”… I don’t want to live there!

Well, as a current JUNIOR at IU that has lived in Wright ALL THREE YEARS (first year as a freshman and two years as a Resident Assistant), I’m here to give you the inside scoop, the truth about every aspect that this Res Hall has to offer. Let’s start with the basics…

  1. Wright Quad is Unique

Wright Quad is one of the oldest residence halls on IU’s campus, dating back to the 1950s. It was originally called “Men’s Quadrangle” because it was only for, you guessed it, men. Therefore, if you’re living on a girl’s floor and there are urinals in your bathroom, don’t fret! Now you know why.

Unlike every other residence hall on campus, Wright Quad is made up of HOUSES…. This can get confusing, but let me try to explain:

Instead of having ONE GIANT FLOOR that has sixty people living on it, each house in Wright is comprised of three smaller floors (about twenty people on each floor) within the overall house. Each floor is one gender and share communal-style bathrooms. However, HOUSES can be co-ed, meaning one floor is girls, another floor is guys. Confusing, I know. Each house in Wright has a lounge where residents can socialize or study.

There are eighteen houses in Wright.

A bird’s eye view of Wright QuadA bird’s eye view of Wright Quad

Here’s a list of all the houses in Wright and a brief description of each community:

  • House 1 Dodds – This is an all-male house in Wright. If you’re lucky enough to be living in Dodds, give yourself a high-five. This house has so much history! Dodds once had a bike team for the Little 500 race, so if you ever get the chance to visit the lounge, there are literally hundreds of trophies and pictures of previous Dodds residents racing in little 500! There is even a bike room exclusively available for Dodds residents to use. So if you’re interested in racing for Little 500, try and create a Dodds House team and re-live the glory days.
  • House 2 Ferguson – This is also an all-male house in Wright. Ferguson is also referred to as “Fergie.”
  • House 3 Stockwell – This is a co-ed house in Wright. Stockwell has a recreation room in the basement with a ping pong table, as well as a laundry room, and a computer lab.
  • House 4 Dunn – Dunn is a very large house, with about seventy residents. It is a co-ed house.
  • House 5 Parks – This is an all-male house.
  • House 6 Dewey – This house is a thematic community, meaning the house is designed around a central theme: Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics. You are not required to take classes related to the topic, rather, simply express interest in the theme of the community. Dewey is a co-ed house, and is much smaller, only about thirty residents.
  • House 7 Rollins – This is where I lived my freshman year! Rollins is an academic community, which means extended quiet hours and a heavier emphasis on academic success. Rollins is a co-ed house. There is a recreation room in the basement of Rollins which includes a laundry facility, a pool table, a TV, and snack machines.
  • House 8 Jenkins – Jenkins is also an academic community, but it is an all-male house.
  • House 9 Hummer – Also known as “Humma Numma Nine,” Hummer is an all-male house.
  • House 10 Nichols – This is an all-male house.
  • Houses 11 Ruter, 12 Todd, 13 HallThese three houses are all female. Yes, you’ve probably heard it referred to as the “virgin vault.” But you shouldn’t call it that – seriously. Don’t stereotype this community into something negative – it’s actually a very unique place that has the environment similar to a sorority. Instead, simply call it WoSo (Women’s South, because it’s on the south side of the Quad). The only special circumstance is that house 13, Hall, is an academic community.
  • House 14 Campbell – This house is a Co-Op, meaning that residents live here at a reduced rate because they complete housekeeping chores in exchange for super duper cheap housing. This house is co-ed.
  • House 15 Harney – This house is a visual arts community – i.e., anything and everything to do with art! If you live in this community, you have exclusive access to a visual arts studio equipped with a photo printer, easels, and painting stations.
  • House 16 Lowe – This house is relatively large, and is co-ed.
  • House 17 Elliott – Ah, yes! I’ve lived in Elliott as the RA for the last two years. Elliott is a co-ed academic community. There is a recreation room in the basement with a tv, laundry room, pool table, music practice room, and kitchenette! Maybe I’m biased, but I think it’s the best house in Wright 😉 And last but not least…
  • House 18 Harding – This is a co-ed house.
  1. Wright Quad has FOOD!

Let’s be real. It’s 9:30pm and you’re hungry. You need coffee and some pizza rolls or you’re just not gonna make it through your chemistry report. Lucky for you, Wright Quad has the largest food court on campus, as well as the ever popular convenient store aka c-store. Both of these locations offer an abundance of food options, and are open relatively late at night. (Food court = 10pm and C-Store = 12am) Unlike a lot of other residence halls, you’ve got the best of both worlds: a food court AND a c-store. You’re basically living in the epicenter of civilization.

But what is there to eat in the food court?

  • Crimson Creations – your go-to for smoothies and sweet treats.
  • Mesa Mexicana – American Mexican. Most popular item: the deluxe burrito.
  • Amore Ristorante – Everything Italian: pizza, pasta, and Caesar salad, oh my!
  • Charley Biggs – They have all kinds of chicken and side dishes. Most popular item: spicy chicken wrap.
  • Flamingo Grill – Serves all of your breakfast needs and made-to-order sandwiches. Most popular item: breakfast buddy on a bagel.
  • Erbert and Gerbert Sandwiches It’s really good! Their bread is made fresh everyday. They have vegetarian options, too. Oh, and don’t forget their soups! Most popular item: the phoenix.
  • Pacific Rim Asian Cuisine – This is not a concept you want to visit if you’re in a hurry! The food takes time, but that’s because it’s fresh! You can choose your protein, veggies, and rice. It’s prepared right before your very eyes.
  • Comfort Foods – The main entrée and side dishes will rotate each week, which is always a nice surprise. If you’re looking for something similar to a home-cooked meal, this is the place to go!
  • Salad/Soup/Potato Bar – the name is pretty self-explanatory.
  1. Wright Quad has FUN STUFF to do, too!

Wright Quad Footsal Team 2015Wright Quad Footsal Team 2015

Wright Quad gets a bad rap because we’re not located in the northwest neighborhood near the “party scene.” That doesn’t mean you can’t find something to do! Wright Quad is located in the most centralized part of campus, so you’re just a ten-minute walk from almost everything!

  • Basketball / tennis court – Wright has its own court, a luxury that not many other residence halls have.
  • Sand volleyball court – perfect for those warm nights!
  • The Movies, Music, More Store – The MMM or 3M allows residents to rent movies, music, magazines, books, etc, for FREE.
  • Community Programs – Get to know your RA and you’ll find out about programs that constantly happening at Wright! RA’s host programs that range from movie marathons to trivia contests to ice cream socials.

Welcome Week 2014 in Wright QuadWelcome Week 2014 in Wright Quad

  1. Yes… Wright Quad is old and there isn’t any A/C

When you move into Wright in August, it will be hot. You won’t have A/C. Your room will feel like it’s a bazillion degrees and you won’t sleep with a blanket for a few weeks. I’ve lived it. Freshman year, I lived in Wright without A/C.

But I guarantee you, there is a bright side to this madness…

  • No A/C forces you to be social with other people on your floor. You can’t just sit there and melt, so you go with your new found friends to a cooler place on campus (literally).
  • No A/C makes you appreciate the little things, like a million little fans blowing simultaneously in your room.
  • No A/C means you’re paying significantly less money for housing. So yeah, it stinks that it’s hot for two or three weeks, but would you rather spend an extra thousand bucks for enhanced housing? (maybe you do, but it’s still something to consider) And let’s be honest, those first few weeks, you won’t be spending a lot of time in your room. You’ll most likely be exploring campus and getting acclimated to Bloomington.
  • IT WILL GET BETTER. Mid-September feels wonderful. With your window open and a fan blowing, your room will feel normal again. You won’t be sweating it anymore (literally).

Alternative Solution to the A/C Dilemma

  • Pay about $300 to have an A/C unit installed. Yes, it’s pricey. But, if you suffer from severe asthma or allergies, it is well worth it. Once the unit is installed, it can be left in your window for the rest of the year.
  1. And There Are OTHER Perks to Living in Wright Too
  • If you get sick, the health center is right across the street. This may seem unimportant… until you’re running a 102 fever and can barely move. You’ll be glad it’s a two-minute walk instead of twenty.
  • The Herman B Wells Library is across the street. Again, another perk for when you’ve been at the library until 2am and are heading back to your sweet, sweet bed.
  • The Student Recreational Sports Center (SRSC) is, again, right across the street! No excuses, go to the gym and work out!
  • You can catch a campus bus and go anywhere from Wright. Don’t feel like walking? Luckily, almost every bus on campus has a bus stop near Wright.
  • Basically, Wright Quad is the center of campus. Everything is a relatively short walk. Less time commuting = more time sleeping.

All things said and done…

Wright Quad is a special place filled with a rich history and tradition.

Be positive and optimistic about the experience. I’ve lived here for three years, and I’ve enjoyed every single moment. You’ll make some incredible memories in this place and meet some new people along the way.

Wright Quad residents visit The City Museum in St. Lous, MOWright Quad residents visit The City Museum in St. Lous, MO

Leigh Ballance
Leigh Ballance

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistant at IUB!

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