The Freshman Guide: Picking Your Dorm/Neighborhood

First of all, I would like to start off by saying CONGRATULATIONS ! If you’re reading this you’ve most likely made up your mind and decided to go to IU ! ( Woop Woop) I remember that day like yesterday … ahh. But back to business.

Indiana University is composed of 4 neighborhoods : Northwest , Northeast, Central, and Southeast.

Okay, lets dive in!

I know everyone is dying to hear about the Northwest Neighborhood. Everyone wants to be in McNutt because its the “party” dorm and oh yea, its “coed” right?

~Back To Reality~

First off, the definition of “Party” and “Dorm” shouldn’t ever go in the same sentence. Don’t expect wild parties in your dorm. I assure you, this WILL NOT happen. All parties that happen at IU are held elsewhere( NOT ON CAMPUS ). But I will not lie to you, due to this “general assumption” the more “wilder” kids tend to move here. Catching a Bus to and from the Northwest Neighborhood from class can be sort of a hassle. A Class in the Center of Campus to Northwest will take you about a bus ride and a 10 minute walk. (Which isn’t really bad)


Yes McNutt stays LIVE, and it truely is an adventure everytime I go. But for me, this is a problem. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE to party, but being in a dorm where there’s that much activity all the time it’s VERY EASY to get distracted, and it tends to be harder to study. So, unfortunately was not the place for me. Although the dorms are a nice size,  there are NO ELEVATORS <— Two words I DO NOT like to hear, especially visiting my friend for the 1st time on the 3rd Floor. **Remember, you still have to move in**


Let me start off by saying I L O V E the way Briscoe looks! Its built like a hotel. It is a newer dorm, there are rooms with PRIVATE BATHROOMS <– Words I LOVE to hear. They have ELEVATORS and F R E E LAUNDRY, yes I said it. FREE LAUNDRY. This is the dorm I wouldn’t mind staying in. BUT its located on 17th Street next to the Statium (not very close to classes) BUT if you’re that DIEHARD IU Fan, this dorm is where you need.


I lived in Foster over the Summer for IFS, and it wasn’t half bad! It’s conviently located next to Gresham Food Court Which Entitles: The Hoosier Den- Late night junk food & movies . & The Crimson Creamery – ICE CREAM – Soooo good. Anyways… The dorms were nice, they were AIR CONDITIONED <— TWO MORE WORDS I LOVE TO HEAR (Especially living in the summer) and they were spacious. I wouldn’t mind living in Foster either.


I really didn’t know Collins was considered a part of the Northwest neighborhood, because it is literally, no where near any of the other three residence centers. Collins also known as “Hogwarts” sits arcoss the street from the HPER (hi-pur) building. It has a place to eat within, which I haven’t experienced yet, but I’ve heard that its really good! (All you can Eat) Collins doesn’t have air-conditioning. So therefore, it was immediately crossed off my list. :/

Moving right along we Have the NORTHEAST NEIGHBORHOOD

To be completely honest, I have never been or had the need to go to the Northeast neighborhood. I don’t even think freshman can live here. Its really out of the way and far away from everything. Don’t Live here lol. 😀

Umm yeah Up Next We Have the CENTRAL NEIGHBORHOOD

Most people call the Central Neighborhood the “academic dorms” That are dominated by one ethnicity. This is NOT TRUE, all of the Central Dorms are convientely located on 10th street. (Meaning that almost EVERY BUS on campus will drop you off at your dorm) Awesome right?! ALSO it has a little plaza with PIzza X (your New Best Friend), RED MANGO (Frozen Yogurt) :), CHASE ATM, SUBWAY, a Chinese Restaurant called Fortune Cookie, and a Tanning Place. To add to the central neighborhood’s greatness the SRSC ( Student Recreational Sports Center) is right across the street (No excuse NOT to work out uh, oh!)


“Tokyo Towers” <– Blah!  Soooo not true, if you’re discouraged from Eigenmann because you don’t like to see Asians everywhere, don’t believe it. This is where I stay and I can honestly say there are as many Asians as any other dorm. There’s only one Asain on my floor and he lives with Me 🙂 s/o Joey! *Side Story* Okay, move in day, I’m walking in my floor the 1st time and I’m looking at all the name tags on the doors I see, Matt, Justin, Josh, Parker, Jack, Drew, and so on. And then I finally reach my door at the end of the hall and I see, Ajay & Jung WON. You can pretty much guess what I was thinking lol* Eigenmann is also built like a hotel(It has 14 floors). airconditioned, co-ed (meaning the girls live on the other half of the floor), it has a cafe’ & c-store on the ground floor, and 4 elevators to get you where you need to be! Eigenmann is also home to the biggest rooms on campus!


Ashton dorms to me are like the typical “single” dorm rooms. You know what that means (it GOES DOWN 😉 jk. These dorms have air conditioning units, which isn’t bad. Ashton is separated into different buildings.

Union Street Center

These “dorms” are usually for upperclassmen. These are apartments, they have their own bathrooms, kitchens, and washers and dryers. These are really nice dorms.


I stayed in Teter for a different IU program called Campus Collage, I loved it there. They are conviently located next to Wright which holds the infamous Wright food court. Spacious rooms, air conditioning, and elevators. I also love that Teter has a place called the “Nest” which is a HUGE space that you could go study.


Wright is one of my least favorite dorms :/ NO AIR <– Those two words. Off my list. But I have a friend who lives there and its really not that bad considering you’re still in the central neighborhood and live a couple of steps away from one of the best food courts on campus. They have really nice rooms and its right next to the library.

Last but certainly not least we have the SOUTHEAST NEIGHBORHOOD

The dorm for pep bands, artists, and Jacobs School of Music students. This may turn some people away but really, the most interesting people live here! Don’t fret if your not the next Mozart or Madonna this is still a good place to live. Forest, Read, and Wilikie make up the Southeast neighborhood. Living here you’re just steps away from 3rd & Jordan which holds a variety of things from the Jacob’s school of Music to Mother Bears Pizza (your other best friend)


I’ve never been in forest but, I’ve heard it was pretty crappy BUT they are remodeling it, so things are bound to change.


Read is home to one of the best places to eat on campus “El Bistro” home of the waffles with ice cream. YUM . But I really didn’t like the size of the double rooms in Read and they had to be bunked.


Wilikie is like the cousin of Eigenmann and Briscoe, there’s that one newer dorm that looks like a hotel in every neighborhood. Its really nice, and it has all the good stuff (air, elevators, and nice sized rooms)


Each of the dorms in all of the neighborhoods also have their own laundry rooms, random pianos, libraries, lounges, help centers, mail rooms, and convenience stores.  We call those “C-Stores.”  They have everything you could need from cleaning supplies, to microwave food, to shampoo, to little concession stands. The coolest thing is you can use your meal points!  So if you are running low on deodorant, you can buy some without even going outside at 60% off just by swiping your ID card!  The C-Stores will quickly become your BESTFRIEND.

The last thing I would like to say, despite everything. Your dorm experience is truly what YOU make it out to be! All of the dorms throw events especially during Welcome Week! Go to Those! They are a great way to make friends and socialize with people you will see everyday. (Why not break the ice early)

If you have any questions, please ASK! Thats what I’m here for !

With Love & AppleSauce


Ajay Moore


As of right now, I'm a freshman at Indiana University . I'm an Informatics Major. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, watching TV, and overall just having a good time. I'm living life one day at a time. You now get to see it from my point of view.
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