Thanksgiving Break Photo Journal: Doylestown, PA

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Happy Thanksgiving! Being from a completely different region of the US, this was my first time home since I began my freshman year at IU. With this photo journal, I was hoping to give a perspective into what my Thanksgiving Break looked like, from traveling to the airport and flying home to flying back. While not every moment was documented in pictures, I tried to take some that I thought were interesting and showcased my break.

Recently, my family moved into a house we had been building for nearly two years. This was really exciting, except that it meant a lot of my break was spent moving all of my belongings from one house to the next. The rest was spent with my family in my hometown of Doylestown, PA, which is about an hour north of Philadelphia. I was really excited to go back to where I’ve grown up and see my family again, especially my two cats (Alexander the Great and Oliver). I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that yours was just as relaxing as mine!

After finishing up my classes on Friday, I hopped on a GoExpress bus at Willkie to take me to the Indianapolis Airport, so I could catch my flight to Philly.

A road from inside a bus

The benefit of choosing IU is that traveling in the Indianapolis Airport is really easy. The airport isn’t as complicated as some others I’ve been in, so I felt confident flying home.

Indy airport lounge area
A person reads book in-flight

People get off an aircraft

As I mentioned previously, my family is in the process of moving. While our old house was only about 5 minutes away from our new one, we somehow still managed to make at least 25 trips between the two in order to bring over our belongings. I was really excited to see our new house, because I had been a part of the building process up until I left for college and my mom had been sending my updates for the past three months. If there was one thing I learned from this break it was this: I. Hate. Moving. I absolutely hate it. But between stressed out visits to pack more things, I had the chance to spend some quality time with my two huge fluffy cats. By Tuesday, the house was really beginning to look put together!

A person sits




An old man does something

A person does something

On one of our outings, my mother and I stopped by this garden store called Terrain. We decided to look around for some Christmas decorations and this place definitely didn’t disappoint. I probably could have filled this entire post with pictures from this place!​

Pink leaved plant

Fresh fir & Juniper

Christmas Tree

Decoration shelves

Organic herbs

I do have to admit that Thanksgiving isn’t a very big deal in my household, in all honesty. We don’t live very close to my extended family, so usually it is just my parents, my mother’s parents, and my brother (although he decided to stay at Brown to finish up some of his schoolwork for grad school). We took this chance to use our new kitchen and dining room, though, and, with only a few mishaps trying to figure out how things worked, we had a delicious family dinner. I do miss some good home cooking while I’m at IU!

A cat sleeps

Person doing dishes

People in kitchen

Football game on TV

The rest of my break was filled with relaxing, watching the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, and driving around my hometown. Eventually, Sunday morning arrived and my parents had to drive me back to the airport to head back to IU. Driving to the Philadelphia International Airport is one of my favorite drives because we take a route that goes around center city Philly and get a great view of the skyline!

A movie on TV  People driving


Drive through woods

Well, that concludes my Philadelphia Thanksgiving photo journal. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now…commence the holiday music and countdown to winter break!

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Shelby Roeder

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