Tasty Tuesday at IU: Gresham Food Court Review

With the onset of the school year fast approaching, both new and returning students alike may find themselves in a swirling torrent of information and concerns. Naturally, chief amongst these concerns may be where to grab quality food on campus. Obviously with most students carrying meal plans, a plethora of dining halls immediately become available, providing a variety of styles and appeal. One of these dining halls is Gresham, which lies tucked away in the Northwest neighborhood. Offering a la card style dining at a reasonable price and a broad spectrum of culinary options, Gresham certainly is a choice spot to eat on campus.

Upon entering Gresham, one finds themselves instantly surrounded by a full-fledged cafeteria comprising mostly of chain-style kiosks complete with a fully stocked salad bar, condiment station, dairy shelf, and soft drink/tea dispenser. Menu options are varied as home-style cooking is made available alongside healthier options under the “Eat Right” menu. Special accommodations can be made for those with dietary restrictions by simply alerting the food court staff. Although the fresh fruit, assorted salads, extensive chip selection, and sandwich options are quite good, the pièce de résistance of Gresham lies in the newest addition to the food court, Bueno Mexican restaurant. The menu at Bueno is essentially the same as Qdoba or Chipotle, which is nice to have in a dining hall on campus. The carnitas burrito complete with chips and queso are highly recommended.

Students eating at a dinning hall

The atmosphere at Gresham is fairly bland but adequate, not really offering any flair or addition to the dining experience. However, the seating and table area is quite large perhaps only being outdone by the dining hall over at Wright Quad. Eating utensil/napkin dispensers are conveniently located in Gresham, to cap off the pleasant nature of the meal. After spending roughly 4 or 5 meals over at Gresham, I’m feeling a strong 3.5 forks out of 5. Definitely consider eating at Gresham during your first week, folks.

Price Range: Expect to spend about $10 for lunch or dinner

Location: Gresham is in Northwest, so it’s quite a trek for Southeast residents

3.5 out of 5 forks

Reviewed by Mick Pence

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