So You’re in Forest (and maybe on an Honors Floor) – Forest Dorm Review – Indiana University

Welcome, incoming Freshman!

By now you probably know what dorm you live in and what floor you’re on.  And good news-if you’re in Forest (bonus points if you’re on an honors floor), you’re reading the right post. And since you’re probably spending most of your time trying to cram everything you possibly can into boxes right now, I’ll give you the run down in list form.Residential Programs and Services website

Location, Location, Location

  • Forest is right near Mother Bear’s Pizza.  Eat there.  It’s amazing.
  • Down the street from TIS Bookstore?  Someone doesn’t have to get a ride back after their textbook pickup!
  • You like sushi?  The sushi place has half price sushi on Tuesday nights.
  • Musicians, you are literally next door to the new music building.
  • Just close enough to Bistro to not be too inconvenient, and just far enough away that you don’t feel guilty for getting ice cream on your waffles.

The People

  • A nice mix of Arts and Sciences
  • Honors kids for Southeast are in A Tower
  • Atkins Living Learning Center is in B Tower.  It “Promotes Academic excellence, community service, and the study of African American history and culture”
  • Quiet, but in a respectful and trustworthy way, not a mind numbingly boring way

The Rooms

  • Plan to live out of a closet.  Very little drawer space, so utilize hanging drawers and shoe racks for clothing and shoe storage.  I recommend investing in the space saving hangers for ladies with elaborate wardrobes.
  • Don’t bother bringing your own full length mirror, you’ll get one with the room.
  • Your beds will always be bunk beds.  There are ups and downs to both beds, but if I could survive a top bunk for two years, you can do it too.  Just be sure to bring your own step stool. You’ll be grateful for it-they can’t guarantee you a ladder.
  • Congratulations-you landed yourself a slot in a room that you are in control of the temperature for.  Don’t bother to bring a fan or heated blanket-unless your roommate in menopausal or something.

The Honors Floor

  • If you like to hang out with smart, creative, clever people, you’re in the right place.
  • Get excited for the celebration of Festivus, which involves a tri-floor wrestling tournament.
  • Lots of extra money for the budget means a lot of free Jimmy Johns for floor events.
  • Amazingly, if you ask people to be quiet because you’re studying, they comply!  And apologize!  You can’t get this other places.  Appreciate it.
  • The floor trip every year is a weekend long celebration of awesomeness.  My freshman year we went to St. Louis.  Before that, Chicago.
  • Try the Forest Honors dance out at least once.  It’s fun! And free sparkling cider, I mean who could ask for more?!
  • Typically people hang around the Honors floors for more than one year, so you’re almost always surrounded by people who know more than you about basic IU things…like where the Speech and Hearing Sciences building is (harder to find than you’d think).

Tips and Tricks

  • The laundry room, which is big, is usually pretty available as long as you aren’t doing laundry during the weekend.
  • If you live on floor 4 or below, take the stairs or else you’d better be limping because everyone else in the elevator will judge you.
  • The Pod is the better practice room.  The basement practice room kind of creepy.  And everyone can hear you.
  • Take advantage of your MMM!  They actually have a pretty good selection!
  • Don’t be that guy using the grand piano in the formal lounge to try and impress girls (or boys) by singing John Mayer.  Just don’t be that guy.

All in all, whenever I tell people I lived in Forest, I usually get looks of pity and sympathetic clucking sounds.  But if people try to do that to you, tell them to be quiet.  Forest is an awesome community full of stimulating and engaging people who genuinely care about what they’re studying.  Yeah, it may be kind of quiet (at least on the Honors floors), but hey.  After two weeks of school when all your friends in McNutt have giant dark circles under their eyes, you will be thanking your lucky stars.  You won’t have any trouble finding loud people other places.  But you live in the Forest!   Sing it loud and sing it proud.

Emily Mange