Not Into Partying? That’s Okay. Six Things To Do Instead!

In college you have to party, right? WRONG. If you do not want to party in college, that’s fine. If you do want to party in college, that’s fine too.

The idea of attending a college party was like living in a nightmare to me. I have never really been into the idea of partying, but before moving into my dorm room, it seemed to be the only thing that people could talk about in regard to college. I was TERRIFIED. I remember thinking that I was never going to find like-minded people that would rather eat a whole large pizza than chug a six pack, but, boy, was I wrong. During Welcome Week, I made it my goal to find at least one friend that wouldn’t mind staying party free. Little did I know, I would find a whole group of friends that were thinking the same thing I was just one week earlier – and, so, the Wolf Pack was born.

Friends at a concert in the summer

Meet Zara and Emma: my pack mates, floor mates, and good friends. Very quickly, we learned that there is plenty to do on campus if you do not want to go out and party! Here are six fun things that we found to do instead of partying!

  1. Attend a football game!Everyone on campus is all about basketball, but I am telling you, football games are where it is at. The tickets to attend a football game are SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper than a basketball game and who doesn’t love football? Well, I guess I can acknowledge that some of you may not like football, but go anyways! Being a part of the IU student block is a feeling that I can not even express. You may feel silly trying to follow along with the cheers when you attend your first game, but I promise, at your second game you will love doing all of the silly cheers like a pro! It is great to feel like you are a part of something, especially on such a large campus.Friends at an IU Football game
  2. Canvas and Cookie night? Yes please!This activity can cost a little more, but it is definitely worth it! Make a Target run to get paints, brushes, and canvas and order as many Baked! cookies as your heart desires. When you settle into a dorm room, turn on the greatest throwback music you can find (Britney Spears, I am talking about you)! Then, paint away! That evening was one of the best from my Freshman year and we had a great time, even without alcohol! GASP!Canvas and Cookies

If you would like to save some money, the Indiana Memorial Union also hosts a Canvas and Cookie night every once in awhile! Yes, you can also wear your pajamas there, if your heart desires.

Friends showing off their paintings

  1. Go to a show!IU has one of the top music departments in the US. Never again will you be able to see such a top quality show at such a low price (student perks!), so go! This is a perfect ladies’ night out, because what girl doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up? We attended an opera show and it was AMAZING! Attending a show is definitely a must-do while you are a student at IU. Find a calendar of upcoming events here!Friends going to an IU music show
  2. Go hiking.There are so many trails all around Bloomington, both free and paid. USE THEM. You will not regret it. My personal favorite is Brown County State Park, because you can’t really see the view from the lookout point anywhere else. Going hiking is also great, because it can take up an entire day! P.S. Be sure to stop in Nashville, Indiana on the way back from Brown County State Park. If it isn’t the cutest town you have ever visited, then I do not believe you.Friends hiking at Brown County State Park
  3. Find a show everyone enjoys and make it a point to get together to watch it at least once a week!Let’s be honest, you will be watching your favorite TV show in your room anyway, so why not get together with a group of friends to watch it? Anther perk of doing this is that you have an excuse to eat as much as your stomach can handle, with no judgment, PIZZA X BREADSTIXS! We watched The Bachelor every week like clockwork. Fun Fact: Ben Higgins is an IU alum! (*heart eyes*) Every week, we knew that this would be the time that we could settle down, gorge ourselves, and just relax. One of our friends even got to meet Ben when he and Lauren visited campus! Yeah…seriously. We were all jealous!Author posing with Ben Higgins
  4. Explore Bloomington!

Bloomington will be your home for the next four years, so get to know the town! Around every corner, you will find something that surprises you. Cool restaurants, amazing artwork, great people…the options are endless. Bloomington is a great city…just get to know it! Day or night, this is a great way to get out and have fun!

Friends exploring downtown Bloomington

So take a breath and relax if you don’t want to party when you get on campus. It isn’t as scary as you think!


Morgan Wells
Morgan Wells

International Studies and Political Science Majors, Class of 2019, Crawfordsville, IN

I am a freshman studying International Studies and Political Science with minors in Russian and Legal Studies. I know you are wondering, so yes, SGIS is AWESOME. I am an active member of College Democrats - it is cooler than it sounds, I promise. I am also an initiated member of Phi Alpha Delta, a pre-law professional fraternity. I intern with the new mayor of Bloomington, the great John Hamilton! I may just be starting out on campus, but I am excited to share with you as I transition into the college life!

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