Northwest Hunger – The Thirst to live in the Northwest!

friends hanging out in dorm

As I have been watching over IU’s class of 2017 FB page, I have notices a common theme about living in Northwest. As a ex “Northwesterner” I must say living in the Northwest may have some perks but it isn’t perfect. A lot of people want to live in Northwest because of the party life known to be there. Truth be told that party atmosphere can be found at any dorm not just in NW.

Now I know that Collins counts as part of NW, but I hope you know I am talking about the dorms on Fee Lane (Briscoe, McNutt, and Foster) from here on out.

Advantages of living on Fee Lane

  1. if you are coming from North of Bloomington, this is pretty close after a long drive
  2. closer to sports arenas and the tailgate field -nice when you have to walk
  3. Partiers- easier to find a party in a dorm
  4. airconditioning

Disadvantages of living on Fee Lane

  1. Up a big hill that is really annoying to walk on a Sunny, Rainy, Snowy, and Windy Day
  2. kind of separated from campus, there is only 2 bus routes that go there the “A” bus(IUBus) and 1N (Bloomington bus)
  3. close to sports Arenas and the tailgate field- sometimes when there is a game (i.e soccer) you can here the announcer
  4. Partiers – like to party all week, so when your studying there may be a party in the dorm next to you (it quiets down 2nd semester)

Advantages of Living @ Briscoe

  1. tutoring and gym at the center building
  2. nicer rooms with private bathrooms and its fairly new
  3. laundry room is on each floor

Disadvantages of Living @ Briscoe

  1. farther up the hill
  2. no “dinning” location at the dorm
  3. most expensive

Advantages of Living @ McNutt

  1. C- Store and advising office in the Center building
  2. KLLC
  3. Co-ed Dorm 😉

Disadvantages of Living @ McNutt

  1. Co-Ed dorm….this sucks for Ladies, when you walk to the bathroom an find pee on the seat
  2. bathrooms are not private (8 single bathrooms along the main hall way)
  3. laundry is in the basement

Advantages of Living @ Foster

  1. closer to Gresham Food Court, Crimson Creamery, Hoosier Den
  2. refer to number 1 again!
  3. Volleyball Courts

Disadvantages of Living @ Foster

  1. has some old fashioned bathrooms
  2. not as renovated as the other two
  3. buildings are very spread out–some farther away from the Center building

Please note that these are just some advantages and disadvantages

Sara Claire Gaspard

Class of 2016, Evanston, IL