No Air? Who Cares! Tips for Living in a dorm with no AC

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Hello all you wonderful Hoosiers!

Here we are in July, that exciting time when housing assignments have just come in! If you have are an incoming freshman, you may have found yourself in one of the un-air-conditioned dorms here at IU.

WAIT! Did Caroline just say “un,” as in no free flowing cool air?

Yes dear reader you read correctly.  I reacted the exact same way when I got placed in Wright Quadrangle back in my first year, so no worries.  That reaction is completely normal.  However, before you start figuring out a way to sneak in a portable air-conditioner, please take a moment to look over this post.  Living without one actually is not that bad promise!

IU has three dorms without AC: Collins, Read, and Wright.  However, if you are assigned to one of these, fear not! Here are five tips for surviving the heat:


This is the most important tip.  Your outlook will completely determine your experience with dorm life.  Instead of thinking, “Ugh! No AC. This is going to be horrible.” say “Sure it may be hot for the first couple of weeks, but I’m going to meet lots new, cool people! We’ll be having so much fun exploring campus that we won’t even notice the heat!”

  1. Buy a good fan!

Put a box fan in your window and keep it on all the time until it cools off outside.  Having another one by your bed is a good idea to.

  1. T-Shirts are your best friends!

Sure they might not be the cutest or most stylish pieces of clothing, but these will keep you cooler than wearing a tight top.

  1. Cool rags and water!

Wet down a few washclothes, place them in baggies, and put them in your fridge. A filled up water bottle should also find a place in there to.  These will help keep you cool while studying!

  1. Go eat a cold treat!

No better way to cool down than with some ice cream or fro-yo.  Grap your friends and try out the Crimson Creamery at Gresh or Red Mango across from Teter.

Best wishes,


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