My New Home: McNutt & The KLLC

The Kelly Living Learning Center

Kelly Living Learning Center

Around this time of year, many prospective freshman are looking into where they would live next year.  The NorthWest Neighborhood is often chosen as the first choice for dorms and many hope that they will be placed in McNutt.  I also wanted to live here because I am a direct admit to Kelley and wanted to live in the living and learning community (KLLC) associated with it.  Since I’m still a freshman, this is the only place that I’ve lived since coming to IU and I love it!

McNutt Pros:

  • C-Store: In our center building, there is a c-store that has all sorts of good food, coffee, and non-perishables that you can take back to your room.  This is really nice in the colder months because you’ll only be outside for thirty seconds before you enter the warm center building.
  • Gresh Food Court: This is only a few minutes walk from McNutt and has a ton of food options.  It transforms into the Hoosier Den from 10 PM to 2 AM, allowing you to get a late-night snack that is on your meal plan.
  • Crimson Creamery: This is a small ice cream place in the basement of Gresh, and although it isn’t the best place in the winter, it’s fun to go there in the warm weather.
  • Rooms & Bathrooms: The rooms are a fairly good size and have a lot more storage space than one would expect.  When you’re trying to pack two peoples’ houses into one room, it may seem impossible, but it really can be done.  The bathrooms are also larger and have been renovated recently.  There are nine bathrooms and about 56 people per floor.  It may seem like a logistical nightmare, but I’ve never had to wait for a bathroom or shower.  Also, each bathroom comes with a toilet, sink, and shower and locks from the inside, so although it is a communal bathroom, you’re in there alone.
  • Parking: Your car is right behind your dorm so you don’t have to worry about parking on the street or getting a spot in a cramped lot.

McNutt Cons:

  • Distance: Although you’re close to Assembly Hall and Memorial Stadium, you can be pretty far away from other buildings on campus.  The closest building is Kelley, and even if you’re a business major, you probably won’t have many classes there as a freshman.

KLLC Pros:

  • Friends: Everyone that you live with is taking the same classes as you and will probably be in the same sections too!  This is perfect if you need help with homework or if you just want to have a familiar face in your classes!  IU can seem like a big school when you first arrive, but it becomes small pretty quickly as you get involved and meet new people!
  • Networking: If this is the first time that you’ve heard this, I promise it won’t be the last!  Networking with recruiters and executives is key for internships and jobs!  The Big Four accounting firms came in the day we moved in along with many other top companies.  They also come and speak to students while they’re in the KLLC and their advice and the opportunities they provide are priceless.  Most students start getting these huge opportunities as sophomores while we get them the day that we move in.
  • Social: Most of the dorms at IU are pretty social because most of the kids at IU are as well.  Those that live in McNutt are almost a level above because most of us are very outgoing and understand that networking is a part of our future profession.  Many people leave their doors open and so you get to know not only everyone in your building and floor (Crone 100!), but the other students that are in the KLLC and McNutt too.
  • Friends: You’ll become very close with the people that you live with and people from other dorms that you meet in your classes.  The people that you live with today are the same ones that you’ll be graduating and entering the workforce with.  Make the connections now and you’ll have them for a lifetime!

KLLC Cons:

  • Classes: There are two classes required with one each semester.  They are one credit hour each and don’t qualify as any of your general education classes.  The first semester class is supposed to help us become better students and learn more basic business practices.  The second semester one is a hot topic class that allows you to pick what you would like to learn about.  Sometimes the class can be more work than you’d like, but both are only for eight weeks (half of the semester), so it really isn’t that bad.

Overall, I would really suggest McNutt and the Kelley Living and Learning Community to anyone that is interested.  You don’t have to be a Kelley major or on that track to live here either.  I changed my major to Telecommunications and I know several others with different majors that live here and love it!  By having floors that are co-ed (about half girls & half guys) and both direct admits and those applying to Kelley as freshman, we are really able to have a wide variety of people.  There are also international students living here, which makes it even more fun because you get to hear and learn about their country, customs, and culture.  As for the partying reputation that allows follows someone mentioning McNutt, it is definitely something to factor into one’s decision.  We are in college so it is a part of the culture and that holds true for McNutt as well.  There are definitely some that go out a lot and some that don’t.  Just as there is a mix in life, the same will go for the dorms.

To all prospective freshman or transfer students out there: get excited! Orientation, choosing classes, Welcome Week, and moving from home to the dorms are all really fun and exciting here at IU!  Find something that you love to do, then find a major that allows you to turn that passion into a profession.



Megan Wolter

Student Writer

Freshman at Indiana University and former writer for Champaign Centennial High School's The Centinal.

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