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DORMS. Cramped space and shower shoes are just a couple of things that come to mind. Now, it is true that a dorm experience can change your whole perception of a school. But in the end, these things aren’t important. You can end up with a crappy RA or a stinky bathroom in any dorm at any school. The people you surround yourself with is what truly matters in the end.

Now, I know that most incoming freshmen have one thought on their mind—“Please put me in Northwest!” After talking to my friend who was an upperclassmen, I found out that the Northwest neighborhood is the hot spot for dorms on campus. I got super excited when I pulled up my RPS information, and read McNutt. I got to be in the largest dorm on campus, full of people that just wanted to have fun! And, after living in McNutt for a year, I found out it really is a great place to be. Everyone does leave their door open, and people come together to hang out or watch a movie. Not to mention the McNutt C-Store is the home of the fabulous sandwich line and made-to-order Starbucks drinks.

Two girls in IU sweatshirts

Here is a photo of me at an IU tailgate. One of the perks of living in McNutt is having tailgates right in your own backyard. Slap on an IU sticker and pull on some high socks, and you’re ready to go!

On the other hand, it can be loud and overwhelming at times. People really do blast music at any hour, and sometimes your floor lounge might already be taken over with people. It can be difficult to find a quiet place to study.

And yes, people do party. Second week of class, it was a Wednesday, at about 11pm my floor bustled with girls running around borrowing heels, asking for opinions on outfits, and guys blaring “Levels” with their impossibly large speakers. After experiencing Welcome Week in McNutt, this was nothing new. What was to come the next morning was something I wasn’t ready for.

Stupidly, I signed up for all 8ams first semester of my freshman year. So 7:30 rolled around on Thursday morning, and I stumbled to my floor bathroom to brush my teeth and fix myself to look like somewhat of a normal human being. I walked over to the sink and was greeted with a lovely pile of vomit. I was disgusted. Really? I understood that this type of thing happens but I didn’t expect someone to just leave it there all night and not clean it up. But that’s Northwest for ya. These things are to be expected.

All in all, I had a blast my freshman year and still managed to maintain my grades. I met a lot of friendly people that I can now call my friends, and I made it my home away from home. But it was really my friends that made McNutt so awesome. So don’t fret if you don’t end up in the Northwest neighborhood. Just surround yourself with people you enjoy being around, because that is what can make your dorm experience spectacular.

Maddie Glenn

Journalism Major, Class of 2015

Hello folks! My name is Maddie and I'm super excited to be a blogger for WeAreIU! Being a Journalism (and Psychology) major, it seems like I have experience writing in every other style except blogging. So I thought I'd give it a try. I'm going to be a junior at IU this fall. It blows my mind to think I only have 2 years left! There are so many things I want to do in my last few years. This past winter, I joined a sorority--Alpha Gamma Delta. My sisters have already made such a huge impact on my life, and I'm counting down the days till I get to live with them on NoJo! I also write for the IDS and IU HerCampus. I would like to continue exploring my writing passion and get involved with more journalism related student organizations. In addition, I volunteer at PALS, a therapeutic riding center, and I am a part of the IU Equestrian Team. This year I hope to get more involved with the team and compete in some shows! Here's to making the most of my precious time left here at this wonderful school! I hope I can give you a glimpse of everything it has to offer!

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