Making the Most of My Senior Year: My Promise

This is officially the first week of my senior year and this past month I have excessively thought about how I wanted to make it the best year I have ever had in Bloomington. Many of my friends, that are now Alumni of this great university, have told me how they felt like their senior year was the fastest year to go. My goal is to try and slow it down. Now I know that I cannot stop time, but I can try and make the most of each day because it is all so limited (that means less binge watching TV this year). I thought that the best way to make the most of my last year in Bloomington is by saying yes to whatever opportunity comes my way. If you know me you would know that I am not much of a risk taker and I have no trouble at all with saying “no,” but I feel like the past three years of saying no has led to more pillow cuddling and TV binge watching nights than exploring the town. I want to change that and share the experience with all of you.

Now I know that I don’t want to say “yes” to anything that strays from my moral compass, but I want it to be anything that can add to my experience here at IU. I’m not sure what opportunities will come my way so I cannot really give a preview of the kind of experience that I expect to have, but I have been in college for three years now and I know that opportunities are always knocking. But as a back-up (just in case nothing is ever knocking) I have made a list of things that I want to do before I graduate called My Top 20. I did not want to start from scratch so I looked to a special list that you may have seen or heard of….the IU bucket list!

Must do at IU

I’ve completed most of the things on the list and some I took off because I honestly don’t have any interest in doing them. After editing the list I noticed how small it had gotten, so I came up with the idea to bring the list back to 20 items and from there every idea that I took off was replaced with another idea.So lets take a look at my updated bucket list:

  1. Attend the Little 500 men’s or women’s race.
  2. Hike around Griffy Lake
  3. Attend an event hosted by the Student Alumni Association. 
  4. Relax near the fireplace in the IMU.
  5. Look at the stars from the Kirkwood Observatory.
  6. Wear IU gear to the Homecoming parade.
  7. Attend an event at the IU Auditorium
  8. Support the local arts at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater.
  9. Paint a Jordan Avenue bridge for a special event.
  10. Attend more Little 500 events 
  11. Request an old manuscript in the Lilly Library.
  12. Run the Nearly Naked Mile (or at least cheer your friends on).
  13. Shop and dine under the holiday lights in the square in downtown Bloomington.
  14. Cheer on the Hoosiers at a free athletic event.
  15. Attend a basketball game.
  16. Go to a comic book store.
  17. Eat at a local restaurant 
  18. Cheer on women athletes at a home game.  
  19. Play 20 Questions with 20 Hoosiers*
  20. Write two blogs each month reflecting on progress.

I am really looking forward to this year of new experiences. As always thanks for reading! I cannot wait to share my experience with you.


Sara Claire Gaspard

Class of 2016, Evanston, IL