Living in the Dorms

Students in a dorm

A big part of our life is sleeping. For college students, we normally need to spend at least 8 hours a day in our residence hall, and some of college students have never had experiences of living in an apartment. So, what are the dorms in IU like?

  Like this one?

a messy room

 Or this one?

A clean room

NeitherIU provides students with two main kinds of living spaces: Residence Halls & Furnished Apartments and Unfurnished Apartments.

Now, take a deep breath and let’s go see them.


Residence Halls & Furnished Apartments

If you choose to live in residence halls or furnished apartments, there are three different standards for you to choose from: Economy, Standard and Enhanced.


Price range: $4866-$6584, an academic year (summer excluded)

Highlights: Not air conditioned, community bathrooms.

A empty dorm room


Price range: $6545-$8509, an academic year (summer excluded)

Highlights: Air conditioned, semi-private half or full bathrooms.

a dorm room


Price range: $7690-$10989, an academic year (summer excluded)

Highlights: Have everything you can imagine.

A living room in a dorm

A kitchen in a dorm

Unfurnished Apartments

These apartments are unfurnished. You can decorate your own room AS LONG AS within the apartment policy.

Price range: $340-$1k+, per person, per month. * Most unfurnished apartments require you to find your own roommates. Otherwise you need to rent for the entire room, which might double your rent.

An unfurnished apartment

An unfirnished apartment

GREAT NEWS: ALL utility fees are included in your rent, no matter which in-campus apartment do you choose.

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Yaguang Wu

International Student Ambassador

International Student Ambassador

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