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Lucky me

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted a blog, but the school year is just around the corner.

Freshman, you have most likely received your housing assignments by now. Exciting, isn’t it?

Living in Teter? Consider yourself lucky. Here’s why:

  1. PRIME LOCATION. Teter is centrally located on campus. Therefore, you won’t be required to walk more than twenty minutes to any of your classes. Chemistry major? Kelley Business School student? Enjoy your quick walks to the Chem building and Business school. If you find yourself with a schedule that takes you all over campus, I can assure you living in the center of campus is extremely beneficial. Additionally, you’re across the street from Red Mango, Pizza X and Fortune Cookie. You’ll be tempted to spend your money. Believe me. If you fancy a trip to the College Mall, it’s just out your door.
  2. THE ROOMS. I’m sure this is what most of you are excited about. What do the rooms look like? Well, quite honestly, upon walking into my room for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. The rooms in Teter are larger then those in Wright, where many of you probably stayed during your orientation. Girls, the rooms have plenty of closet space. Two overhead cupboards, a built-in closet and plenty of shelves. I also used a plastic three-drawer unit which easily fit in my closet which gave me even more storage space. I would also invest in a shoe organizer. It saves a lot of room in the closet. My roommate and I kept our beds bunked and our futon fit very nicely in the room. Needless to say, we had plenty of movie nights. The futon also offered a place for guests to sleep and extra seating when others were over.
  3. AIR CONDITIONING. Although it’s a bit tempermental, you have it. Don’t complain. You’ll be thankful you have it when it reaches triple digits while your friends in Wright suffer with the only relief coming from a fan. Your windows also open. Eigenmann’s don’t.
  4. INDIVIDUAL BATHROOMS. Need I go on? Although Rabb still had community bathrooms, I heard through the grapevine that individual bathrooms may be installed. But don’t quote me on that. Otherwise, enjoy your individual bathrooms.
  5. THE NST. I’m sure you’ll be spending plenty of your time in the NST. The NST (Nest) in Teter is filled with computers and desks to assist you with homework and offers a quiet place to study. There’s also a scanner available to scan your handwritten notes if you wish to transfer them onto your laptop. Yes, the only printer available can be slightly unreliable, but most of the time, it’s up and running!
  6. NO FOOD COURT. I look at this as a positive thing because if I had lived in Wright, venturing to the food court would be tempting if nothing in my room satisified me. However, a coffee shop would have been nice.
  7. EVENTS. The Teter Student Government plans lots of activities throughout the year for you and your friends to come and enjoy. These events are also great for meeting people. Teter has its fair share of parties.
  8. TOURS. Throughout the year, I’m sure you’ll see several prospective student tours. The tours usually start in the Teter Theater. So many of you probably embarked on these tours before committing to IU. Now, as an IU student, you can look at those students and just hope they make the decision you did to come to the best school in the nation.

I hope this has excited you even more for moving in. Teter was a great place to spend my first year and I’m glad I was lucky enough to live there. I hope you all have a fabulous remainder of your summer. But don’t be too sad when it ends. You’ll be en route to Bloomington to have the best four years of your life.

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