Last Chance to Visit the IU Eskenazi Museum of Art!

Have you ever visited the art museum on campus? No, I don’t mean going at night and resting your feet upon its rainbow cement squares. Have you actually gone inside the building? If not, this may be your last chance in a while to experience the amazing pieces of art encased within this oddly shaped building next to Showalter Fountain.

Ezkenazi museum in colors

The IU Eskenazi Museum of Art, formerly known as the IU Art Museum, will be closed from May 2017 until Fall 2019 for renovations. Additions to the building include a new lecture hall, four art/culture centers, and 20,000 square feet of gallery space.

A graphic illustration of museum

Do not fret; you still have a chance to see the galleries before they close this year! Go check out Velazquez and Picasso in the Gallery of the Art of the Western World. Marvel at intricate sculptures of Hindi gods and ancient artifacts from Mesopotamia in the Gallery of the Art of Asia and the Ancient Western World. Take a look at a selection of Mayan ceramics and African masks in the Raymond and Laura Wielgus Gallery of the Arts of Africa, the South Pacific, and the Americas. The art museum even has a gallery currently featuring the works of Chee Wang Ng; his art tells the story of Chinese culture and the immigration experience.

An old artifact from Ezkenazi museum

All in all, the Eskenazi Museum of Art has a wide variety of artwork that is worth taking the time to see. Pop in during a break between classes or take a Saturday afternoon to indulge in some classic art. You don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone, so go visit the museum before May 14th and see all the amazing pieces it has to offer.

A painting from Ezkenazi museum

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