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Hello everyone!

We’re reaching the end of the semester and it’s gone so quickly! As the end of the semester approaches, so does the decision of choosing where to live. I’m living in Union Street Center this year and wanted to give you a review! Hopefully this will help you in your decision!


I absolutely love the location of Union Street! As a student who has no desire to move off campus, Union Street gives me the best of both worlds. Although I’m still on campus, I have the feeling of being off campus because I’m living in an apartment! I live in Hickory Hall, the building on 10th Street. Looking back, I wish I’d chosen a building closer to 7th Street because I only have classes in Ballantine and the Journalism School. The buildings are only two years old, so in my mind, they’re basically brand new.


There’s really no doubt in my mind that living in an apartment is so much better than living in a dorm. I loved my roommate from last year and we still keep in touch, but it’s nice to have your own room! I have the smallest bedroom in my 4-bedroom apartment, and I still consider it a pretty large room. Cooking my own meals has been quite an adjustment, but I think it was about time that I started making my own meals. I’ve graduated from microwavable meals to pretty decent fettuchine! 

<<< Plus, this view is pretty amazing.


As I said before, I think my bedroom is a really great size. I have more than enough room to store my things. However, I think kitchen space is pretty limited because I’m sharing with three other girls. We manage, but after a shopping trip to Kroger, it’s a struggle to close our freezer…

Overall, I really have no complaints about Union Street. Although there is no dishwasher, there is a washer and dryer. At the end of the day, I’d rather have the washer and dryer anyway!

I hope this review has helped!

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