IU CRIBS: Teter Edition

Before I came to IU, I had wondered and worried all summer about the place that I was going to be spending my first year away from home: Teter Residence Hall. If you’re a potential incoming student or you’re a current student and you’re thinking about living on campus again, I definitely think you should consider Teter! I lived here my freshmen year, and I’m living here again for my sophomore year! I think it’s a great location for so many reasons, and let me tell you why:

Overall, living in Teter is great. LOCATION IS AWESOME, because it’s in the central neighborhood.

Campus is a 5-15 minute walk, depending on where you need to go.

Wright Food Court & the C-Store is right next door, and Read Landes Food Court and the El Bistro (sandwiches, burritos, etc) is a 5 minute walk. The brand spankin’ new Woodland Restaurants at Forest is a 7 minute walk. Subway, Red Mango (froyo), Pizza X & Fortune Cookie are across the street. It’s just great!

First off, a little history!

Teter is named after Nellie Showers Teter, a Bloomington native and IU alum, she was the first woman to be elected to the Indiana University Board of Trustees. She is considered a very important lady in IU history, and her portrait is currently in the Indiana Memorial Union as part of the IMU’s “Women of Indiana University” art exhibit.

Would you like a tour?

Before I go and show you everything Teter has to offer in photos, I was thinking I could show you a cooler tour of Teter via video and song….

Shout out to the Teter RAs and everyone else who helps around
Teter for being awesome and participating in this video for me!

The Floor, Bathroom and Room

Teter is set up of 5 connected buildings – Rabb, Boisen, Elkin, Thompson and Wissler! I am more familiar with Rabb, so most of these photos are taken in Rabb. Rabb is the only building with an elevator. There are also stairs. You swipe your ID to get into the building, and you need a key for your room, your floor and the elevator. Teter is super safe.

A dorm hallway

There will only be a few floors that are co-ed.
The even floors get the pleasure of having a kitchen (oven, fridge, microwave).
Each floor gets a water fountain.

a dorm lounge

Each floor has their own lounge, and it is up to every floor
to decide what they want to do with it.
For the most part, it will probably be used for studying.
It’s a great place to get some peace and quiet to study.
Some days, it will be used for social events that the floor
decides on, such as movie nights!

The 2 main perks for living in Teter:

A dorm bathroom

Typically, there will be 3 sets of bathroom stalls on each side of the elevator.
In total, there are 6 stalls total, including a handicapped stall.
There are also 2 sinks on the outside of the bathroom stalls.

A dorm bathroom

Each stall has a shower, a hook for your towel or clothes, toilet and sink.
These bathrooms are fairly new, Rabb’s were finished in 2012.
They are cleaned daily by our awesome custodial staff.
If you ever see any of them, be sure to thank them!

A dorm room

Any dorm room doesn’t really give you much space,
but if you can work with what you’ve got,
you can make your room extremely livable!

Things included: bed, desk, shelving space by the door (not pictured),
a wooden shelving unit (not pictured), curtains, A/C.

A closet in a dorm

As a female, living in Teter is a blessing. There’s so much storage space!

Each person gets their closet with two sliding doors. One side has a pole and a few hooks. For the hooks, might I suggest those velvet, no-slip clothes hangers? They’re great, and they let me fit so much in my closet. As for the hooks, I hang my scarves. The rest you can get creative with! I used a plastic storage bin from WalMart for all my t-shirts! I also used those fabric bins for all my delicates.

The other side has shelves and a few hooks. I usually put my shower stuff, towels and the rest of my clothes. We also have overhead bins where you can put whatever you want!

The Basement – Laundry

A laundry room in a dorm

In Teter, we have a co-ed laundry room.
You can use CampusAccess to pay for laundry, and you have to bring your own detergent, etc.
While you wait for your laundry to be done, there’s a study lounge right next to the laundry room.
There’s also an ice machine, and vending machines.

Speaking of study lounges…

A study lounge

The NST (pronounced nest).

It is normal to see students any time and every time of the day studying for class here. I’ve walked into the NST at 3 in the morning to find someone playing Rollercoaster Tycoon… The NST has PC’s for students to use, a printer (tip: print on both sides of the paper!), scanner, SO much study space (perfect for group assignments/projects!), vending machines and hydration station where you can refill your water bottle. Another fun thing about the NST is the piano. Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to find a talented student who plays the piano and sings for everyone — just like in High School Musical!

The NST & formal lounge also serves as a place where Teter holds many of their social events, such as movie nights, special meetings and talks.

Also near the NST is the Academic Support Centers. The ASC offers free tutoring and advising! Teter also holds 3 classrooms that are mostly used for scheduled class discussions.

The Fun Stuff

Students playing ping pong

Aside from the academic leg up, Teter also has a lot of fun things to do!
We have a Teter Theater where everyone can sit, watch movies and
live sporting events together when we can’t go to the actual game!

Teter also has a foosball table, ping pong and a pool table!
Just ask the center desk for the pool sticks/ping pong paddles.

Entrance to a dorm library

The Teter library has a very nice collection of books,
CDs and DVDS that you can check out as a student!
It’s so convenient and can turn a boring night into a
fun movie night with your floor mates.

That wraps up the Teter tour, hope you enjoyed it! ┬áIf you have any questions or concerns, make sure to call or stop by Teter’s center desk.

A droms front desk

They’re the nicest staff around!

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