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Mcnutt Dorm Review at Indiana University Bloomington

Last year as a freshman I lived in McNutt, which is located in the Northwest part of campus. I know a lot of incoming freshman are probably worried about whether or  not they made the right choice about where to live, so I thought I’d help out by giving you some pros and cons based on my dorm life experience!


  • It is EXTREMELY close to the stadium/Assembly Hall. This is very convenient when it comes to attending football & basketball games, especially when the weather is not ideal. This also comes in handy if you have a car and did not get a parking pass for your respective dorm. This means you’ll most likely have to park at the stadium, which is only about a 3-5 minute walk.
  • Everybody is VERY social. I don’t know if this was just the case for my floor in particular, but I got the sense that this is just a McNutt thing in general. Everyone is always very active and social, which makes it very easy to make friends and keep yourself busy.
  • It’s air conditioned. Don’t underestimate how important this factor is.
  • It’s home to the KLLC (Kelley Living Learning Center). If you’re in the business school and part of the KLLC, it is nice to be surrounded by people who are diverse, but also have many interests and passions similar to your own. I found it very reasurring to have easy access to people to talk to when I needed help with my classes or was having doubts about my major.
  • The C-Store. EXTREMELY CONVENIENT. Especially on the days when they make wings, chicken quesadillas or french toast…YUM!


  • Since it is in the Northwest neighborhood, this can make getting to class a pain. If you have classes on 3rd street (which you probably will) it will take a while to get there, which will mean waking up a little bit earlier (and nobody likes that).
  • McNutt is usually pretty loud, which may be irrittating when you’re trying to study or do homework. Since everyone is so social and on different schedules, you may be better off going to the library or union if you actually want to get stuff done.

Overall, I was very happy with my choice of where to live, and I hope you will be to!

Jamie Schiessle
Jamie Schiessle