How to be a Happy Hoosier

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Mid-terms got you down in the slumps? Same. It is that time of year again when the tests are flying, the weather is cooling, and the sniffles are returning. How can you possibly be bright and cheery when the weather is cloudy and depressing?

Easy. I have 5 tips to make any day the best one yet.

  1. A Well-Lit Study Escape

Studying is not always the most pleasing activity in the world, but why not make it interesting by finding a cozy and beautiful study spot? Let’s face it, IU is beautiful, so go explore it while you can! The leaves are changing and the smell of fall is coming in quick. Enjoy being outside while you can!

  1. Take out the Headphones

This will be a tough one. Most of us find a comfort in pacing around campus with our earbuds strictly in our ears and our eyes on our phone screens. Come on millennials, how about we talk to each other! If you just got out of a difficult test and don’t know how you feel about it, walk with a classmate. Share some highs and lows, make some new friends! Or if you are walking on a path and see someone you know, don’t bury your head into your phone, say “Hey what’s up so & so!” Ask them how they are and truly mean it! Care about others and care about yourself! Socializing will make a day more light-hearted.

  1. Mmmmmmm Food

I love food, you love food. WE ALL LOVE FOOD. And guess what, IU has a ton of it! Didn’t have enough time to eat breakfast this morning? Stop at Friends of Art Bookshop and get a muffin! Forgot to pack a lunch? Kirkwood is booming with many food varieties. Also, Forest has restaurant selections you won’t want to miss out on. They have everything from Coffee to nachos, or if you want, coffee AND nachos.


Yep, everyone’s favorite season. Orange trees, active chipmunks, pumpkin flavored everything. And how can I forget Halloween? Since it is coming up, one thing that makes students happy is Halloween costumes. Dress up people, have fun with it! You don’t have to have anything too expensive, in fact, you don’t have to spend any money at all! DIY some fun costumes and strut your stuff on the 31st. It is nice to make others smile every now and again, hopefully it will make you smile too.

  1. IU Bucket List

Hopefully if you are a student, you have heard of this sensation. The Bucket List will introduce you to places and events on campus that you would have never heard of before reading it. Some of my favorite points they made on the list include: taking a selfie with a squirrel, watch the lights change at the IU Eskenzai Museum of Art, order fresh baked cookies with some pals, and dip your feet in Showalter Fountain. And while you are at it, take pictures when you complete an item on the list! They will be fun now and fun to look back on later. To see more activities on the list, click here!

IU is the place to be folks. Step out of your comfort zone and live a little! Have fun, be happy, study for your classes, eat good food, and stay warm in Indiana’s weather. I hope you take some of these points into consideration because I know they have helped me immensely. Or better yet, find what makes you happy, whether it be cycling to class or laying in the middle of Dunn Meadow. Whatever makes your heart beat, do just that. Have a beautiful day Hoosiers, and stay warm!

English major, class of 2020

I'm a listener, an observer, and an experiencer. I love to analyze the world and to show others my perspective through drawings, photos, and words. Art is a form of expression, of life, and it is the form I would use to describe who I truly am.

I am studying English at Indiana University with a focus in professional and public writing. I am also involved in Run Club and am a photographer for IDS Student News. I work at Friends of Art Bookshop in the Fine Arts building, and I now write blogs for! I love this school, and I love being involved in all the opportunities it has to offer students of all interests. I hope you enjoy my writings and will (hopefully) be influenced to create your own.

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