Guide to Student Parking Passes at IU

For freshman, once they have decided on a school, their next biggest decision is usually where they want to live on campus.  For me, the decision was easy.  As a direct admit to Kelley, I chose to apply for their Living and Learning Community in McNutt.  After making that decision, the next one was if I wanted to bring my car with me to school or to leave it at home.

I started the year off by leaving it behind.  IU is set up so that it is fairly easy to get around campus, either by walking or taking one of the buses.  Since I live in McNutt, I’m normally on the A bus, and while it can get me to class, it does not always run at the times I need it to, stop in the right places, or run exactly on schedule (unless I’m running late).  In addition to this, I only live three hours away, so I figured that it would be fairly easy for one of my parents to come pick me up on the weekends that I wanted to go home.  And for the first two months of school, this was fine, but then I realized that not only did I miss driving my car, but it was also a hassle to get done some of my errands.

If I wanted to get my suit dry-cleaned, I either had to walk for a good twenty minutes or take a bus and then walk for another ten.  This would not be bad if the suit was already wrinkled, but trying to keep it from getting squashed on a packed A bus?  Or from the wind blowing it in every direction?  Not going to happen.  It was also inconvenient if I wanted to go downtown or to other parts of Bloomington.  For although the city buses work with IU students, no one wants to carry six huge Target bags with them on the bus or walk a good half an hour both ways in heels to go to a nice dinner.  Also, while IU can supply their students with most of their necessities through their C-Stores and dining halls, sometimes there are specific things that we want or have a sudden craving for.

So in the end, I decided to bring my car with me to school after fall break.  My parking pass cost about $138 since I got it a month and a half after school started and the price will continue to decrease as the year continues.  Also although the cover photo for this article is an A pass, students usually get a D level parking pass or lower once they move off-campus.  Overall, this might not be the best decision for everyone.  Having your car on campus is a privilege, not a right, and it can be revoked at any time.  It also doesn’t mean that I should try to drive to all of my classes, because that is more of a hassle than a convenience.  On the flip side, it is nice if you want to make a late-night Starbucks run or get dressed up and go out to dinner with friends!

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For more information about parking passes, visit their website here.

Megan Wolter

Megan Wolter

Student Writer

Freshman at Indiana University and former writer for Champaign Centennial High School's The Centinal.