Guide to Campus Food Courts

Den by Denny's

Do you live on campus? Are you unsure of what you want to eat or where you want to eat? Most importantly are you lost and hungry? Don’t you worry! You came to the right place, here’s a guide to campus food courts.

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And you definitely do not have to eat broccoli!

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Restaurants at Woodland @ Forest Quadrangle

The best food court on campus and definitely my favorite is the Restaurants at woodland.

This food court is located at Forest in the Southeast Neighborhood. The food options here are amazing and mouth wateringly delicious! From Hot Pasta to Chips and Queso they have it all.

There’s something for everyone, Mangia serves its signature Pasta and Pizza, Fusion has Ramen and Asian food, Stone Grill has Signature Burgers with fries, onion rings or fried green beans, and many other delicious options. It is also houses Bloomingberry if you are craving some fro-yo. Overall, Forest is your ultimate food destination.

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Wright Food Court

The second best food court on campus and also a place with a variety of food options, the Wright food court is located in the Central Neighborhood making it a close destination for Wells Library and Kelley School of Business. Wrights hosts a make-your-own Salad and Fruit Bar, Charley Bigg’s Fried Chicken, Erbert and Gerberts Sandwiches, Classic Comforts, and a lot more.

Wright Food Court is the most accessible with most of the food options open on the weekends.

Wright dining hall

Gresham Food Court @ Foster

The Gresham Food Court is located in the Northwest Neighborhood of campus. It houses The Den by Denny’s serving burgers, burritos and more, Antonio’s serving signature Pizza, Erbert and Gerberts Sandwiches, and a make your own Salad Bar. If you find yourself in the north neighborhood this is your place to go.

Den by Denny's at Foster

Other than the three main food courts on campus, we also have many other food courts scattered around campus if you want to grab a quick bite.

The El Bistro @ Read located in the Southeast neighborhood has great breakfast options.

There are Hoosier Cafés all around in major spots like the Wells Library, Ballantine Hall, SRSC etc.

The Bookmarket Eatery @ Wells Library and The Goodbody Eatery @ Wells Quadrangle also have good food options.

Never worry about being hungry because IU has the best and delicious food options you can find.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your meal!

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