Foster Dorm Review: The Best Parts of Foster Quad


Hi all,

This will be my second year living in Foster, so here are a few pros and cons and inside info about living in Foster quad.

What: Foster quad, one large building (Harper) and four small ones (Martin, Magee, Jenkinson, Shea)

Where: Northwest neighborhood, on Fee Lane right behind the Kelley School and SPEA

LLCs: The Global Village (Martin) and Foster International (Shea)

The Best List – Foster has…

The Best Places to Eat

Gresham food court is a one to three minute walk from all Foster dorms. Gresh tansforms into the Hoo Den at night in order to satisfy all of your late-night food cravings– nachos, hot dogs, donuts, soft pretzels, soda, and more! The Creamery, located below Gresh is also a Foster Favorite. The McNutt C-store is right across the street.

The Best Access to IU Sports

Out of all of the NW dorms, Foster is closest to the SRSC and is only about a ten minute wak to HPER. The field behind Foster (the “tundra”) can be used for soccer and the like, and the tennis courts on Jordan are only five minutes away. Foster also is situated right next to the baseball field and is a short walk from Memorial Stadium, Assembly Hall, and plenty of other rec and IU team fields.

The Best Atmosphere

Yes, Foster is a part of the NW neighborhood, along with McNutt, Briscoe, and Collins. Foster does have it’s reputation as a part of NW, but Foster is a bit more toned down. It also offers an international flair, with two globally-based living learning communities in the quad. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, go out, or buckle down and study.

The Best Location

For Kelley and SPEA students, there is no better place to live than Foster, which is right up the hill from the two schools. Like I mentioned, Foster also has close dining and sports facilities and is only a ten minute walk to the library and arboretum. It takes about twenty minutes to get to Kirkwood, but for the winter months, there is also a bus stop right across the street at McNutt. The A bus zooms up Fee Lane about every five minutes during peak class times.

My Guess-timates to Walking Times from Foster

  • SPEA/Kelley– 5 minutes
  • Psych Building– 7 minutes
  • IMU– 15 minutes
  • Sample Gates– 20 minutes
  • Briscoe– 5-7 minutes
  • Wright Food Court– 10 minutes
  • Read/Jacobs– 15 minutes
  • Ballantine– 15 minutes
  • The Square (downtown)– 25-30 minutes

By the way, Foster is air-conditioned 🙂 It also had a large parking lot located directly behind it.

A Few Things to Consider

  • None of the dorms in Foster are connected
  • We live on top of the Fee Lane Hill
  • Foster (and NW in general) is farther from the academic buildings on 3rd Street than all other dorms

Overall, Foster is a great place to live, and it’s few flaws are made up for by it’s overall friendly atmosphere, convencienent location, and many other positive traits.

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Kaylee Dolen

Environmental Management with Spanish and Latino Studies ~ Class of 2015

Jubilee College Ministries and First United Methodist Church, Amnesty International, Invisible Children, Global Village LLC people person. tree hugger. activist. foodie. dinosaur. Have a lovely day!