Forest Quad Food Court: RPS Promised Land

If you are looking for the Holy Grail of RPS dining, look no further than the brand spanking new Forest food court – Restaurants at Woodland.

This sprawling expanse of food heaven is located in the Southeast neighborhood and just opened a few weeks ago. My own experiences of this food court have been met with wonder and amazement.

I walked into the lobby for the first time on September 15, a day that will be ingrained in my mind for the rest of my young, college life. As I stood in line to enter the food court, I couldn’t imagine the wonder that awaited me.

I was admitted to the Promised Land and thought I had immediately been transported to Tokyo or Dubai. The colorful mood lighting and the ultra-modern design truly make this place seem so much farther away than a few blocks.

There are so many restaurants and some still aren’t even open. My first night I tried Caliente, the Mexican restaurant that puts Mesa Mexicana to shame. I also got a small salad from Romaine, the premium salad bar with the freshest ingredients I could ever imagine.

Caliente resturant

As I sat down in the dining room that made me feel like I was in a five star restaurant and ate my Mexican cuisine, I have never been so happy. I seriously cried. Well, I teared up a bit. It was so heavenly and perfect. I just couldn’t believe it. I mean look at me:

A gilr holding up food tray

It was so great I came back the next day and tried Fusion, and got a large salad. It was almost as tear-jerking as the first time. Then I came back once again and tried a Stromboli from the Italian place (which I haven’t learned the name). It was delicious as always.

Fusion salad bar

If you haven’t tried this food court yet, shame on you. You are missing out. Get down there and eat like you’ve never eaten before, at least as you never have in Wright or Gresham.

Alison Graham

Class of 2017 | Journalism major

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