Dorm Fever, No More! 3 Indoor Activities on Campus

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Have you been lounging in your dorm room every weekend, watching the same Netflix series for two whole days? While taking a break from the stress of college is critical to the healthy lifestyle of a college student, another way to take change up your schedule during the winter months is to get out and go on an adventure through your very own campus! Check out these three ideas for curing those wintertime blues!

Water polo

Be a good sport

Make it a point that by the end of this semester you have the IU fight song memorized. What’s an easy way to accomplish this? Attend Indiana University Athletic events. Yes, IU basketball (men and women’s) is a very popular event that most students think of first attending. You can buy tickets to watch the Hoosiers take on big teams such as Maryland, Purdue, Michigan State, and Minnesota at home this year in Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall! Don’t forget to support our top-ranked men and women swimming and diving team at the Student Recreational Sports Center (SRSC). Feel like taking in a tennis match? During the colder months, the men and women’s tennis teams play their matches at the IU Tennis Center (IUTC). Additionally, most students don’t know that IU has a women’s water polo team, so definitely check out those powerful athletes! Try to attend a sporting event you normally wouldn’t go to, or experience a sport that wasn’t offered at your high school or past college!

Appreciate Art

Stroll through this hidden gem on your way to or from classes! Right across from the Showalter Fountain is the Fine Arts Building, which features the Grunwald Gallery of Art. This space houses both the works of IU students and professional artists. New artwork is added about every month. Visiting hours are Tuesday-Saturday, from 12 p.m.-4 p.m. Exhibits are free and open to the public!

Admiring art

Love the Lilly

Did you know we have a museum on IU’s campus? Ok, maybe not a definite museum, but the Lilly Library might as well be. This towering building houses rare books, manuscripts, and special collections, such as two Academy Award statues earned by major motion picture director, John Ford and one of the original scripts from the first installment of Star Trek . You’re more than welcome to meander through the aisles, taking in the numerous catalogued artifacts. If you’re like me and yearn for a break from stressful study session, complete the varying levels of puzzles that are provided. Puzzles include number competitions, Jenga-style trinkets, and challenging brainteasers. Hours vary season to season, so take a look at their website for more information.

Editor’s Note: The Lilly Library will be closed for renovation beginning December 6, 2019. While the Lilly Library is closed be sure to check out the recently renovated Eskenazi Museum of Art, which now features expanded gallery space, new teaching facilities, and new visitor amenities.

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Meredith Struewing

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