Decorate Your Dorm Room for the Holiday


Ohh, the weather outside is frightful but inside the dorm is so delightful.

While the holiday season makes us miss hot cocoa and setting up decorations in our childhood rooms, the dorms can still serve as a home away from home. Follow the five tips below to make your dorm room reflect your holiday spirit.

Put up the brightest…

1) string of lights: Lights are the best way to brighten up a small space quickly. All you need are command strips and 10 minutes to add a cozier atmosphere that will surely make your room sparkle.

Gif: Christmas lights

2) Christmas tree: A Christmas tree is the easiest way to change the overall mood of your dorm room. A small tree could be placed on top of a desk or dresser, or a larger tree could be placed in a corner. Ornaments quickly add some color and pop to your Christmas tree.

Gif: Elf

3) tinsel: The shimmery material of tinsel will easily take a small space from drab to fab. Throw some tinsel on your desk to add some shine to your late-night study sessions. All you need are some hooks or tape to keep the tinsel in place.

stocking and tree

Hang up the…

4) stockings: Stockings are an easy way to add holiday cheer and personalization. For the decorating gurus, try using glitter glue or sequins or hot-glue some rhinestones to take your stocking a little bit further. Hang it in a window sill, above your bed, or on the door knob.

Roll out the…

5) wrapping paper: Luckily, wrapping paper comes in all types of patterns, making it perfect for personalization. Try putting some festive wrapping paper on your door to make each time you come to your dorm feel like a true gift. Don’t forget to add a bow!

Gif: can you handle that?

To wrap it all up, play some Christmas music, put on fuzzy socks, and drink some hot coffee. You will quickly feel the holiday spirit. After decorating your dorm you will have time to venture out in Bloomington to enjoy the holiday spirit even more. But don’t forget to stay motivated while taking finals. The holidays will be here soon.


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