But I Don’t Want To Live In A Dorm

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So for this week’s post, I’ve deciding to talk about dorm life and the many rumors that are commonly heard. Recently, I have been feeling pretty nostalgic about my freshman year and thought that this would be a great place to relive those memories!

For decades, dorm life has been a part of college culture. Parents who went to college often talk about their dorms that they once lived in and the media show us the “horror” of what to expect. There are always those that we know who made have had “the worst experience” of their life in a college dorm. I’ve heard all of the stories and seen the movies, but I have also lived through the so called “horror”.

My freshman year I was placed in the dorm Foster Harper, Floor 6 Room 613. Coming to college I was nervous. I didn’t know what size to expect the room to be. I was about to live with a roommate that I had met online. I had also never shared a room with anyone before. I was terrified to say the least.

I remember my room right before I left for Bloomington. All of my things were slowly being moved from my room to the car and then before you knew, there was nothing left except furniture. It was like everything that you had owned was simply fit into a couple of bags. It really was a wake up call to think of how easy it was to just get up and go.

The whole car ride I thought about what to expect. I couldn’t wrap my head around not being in my big and warm bed for months!

Once I arrived at Foster, I headed to my room. I was the first person moved in on my floor so I was able to check out everything before everyone else. Of course, the first place I went to was the bathroom and shower area. To my surprise, it was really clean and pretty modern. Next to my room. It was a great size! My roommate was not there so I was able to pick which bed I wanted and was able to rearrange the room as I pleased.  After a couple of hours of help from my parents, I was all moved in. Everything I owned comfortably fit into the closet and some drawers. After that, my parents left and I was there alone, waiting for others to move in. Day by day more girls moved in. That was the start of everything!

Living in the dorms was one of the best experiences of college so far. In the dorms, you are instantly connected to 50 or so other people. I made some of my best friends from my floor and other floors above us. With so many people in one area, it was hard not to make friends!

I would definitely advise you to leave your door open! It’s an easy invitation for people to stop in and say hi and a great way to meet others. Everyone on our floor left their door open and we soon became a community instead of just a group of people forced to live together.

My roommate and I got along just fine, although there was a room of two girls who did not. Other that this incident, I cannot remember hearing about other issues between roommates! While some coming to college may worry about roommates, there are few issues that cannot be resolved. Almost everyone I knew LOVED their roommate!

In short, living in a dorm is not the end of the world. In fact, living in a dorm can be one of the greatest experiences. It’s a great way to meet new people and get involved. It’s also a great studying tool for tests and projects because more than likely there will be someone close by who is taking a similar class as you. So, don’t give up on living in a dorm. They are a great resource!

PS and don’t forget to leave your door open!

Ellen Crilly
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