Bookmark the Bookmark[et] Eatery (Review)

Wells Library

Most students at IU know about the RPS Cafe in the corner of Wells Library. Many knew about the Cyber Cafe in the lower level. Few have gotten to know it’s replacement, The Bookmark[et] Eatery. The new dining area is located exactly where Cyber Cafe used to be. But the differences between the two are astronomical.

I personally frequent Wells Library, because I am incapable of studying in my cozy apartment with the distractions of Netflix and my Tempur-pedic bed calling my name. Having to make the trek across campus to the library sometimes bothered me, not because it was far away, but because I always had to remember to bring a snack, or end up hangry and have to settle for something from Cyber Cafe or the limited choices at the smaller RPS Cafe located on the main level. The Bookmark[et] Eatery has changed my library experience for the better.

Take the escalator down to the lower level, and you are presented not only with a more modern, more upscale atmosphere, but also with such a wide variety of delicious, convenient food choices, you’ll forget that when you’re done eating, you probably have to go back upstairs and work on your finite WebWork. Your options include:

  • Panino Mio: For fresh, made-to-order paninis that will satisfy your tummy and make sure you’re not completely lying when you tell your mother that yes, you are eating healthily. The menu mostly stays the same, but they do offer weekly specials. The fact that Panino Mio offers a fresh, healthy option for students is its biggest pro, in my humble opinion. Sometimes you really do crave something that isn’t Pizza X or Easy Mac!
  • Scholars Inn Bakehouse: A Bloomington classic that hits the spot every single time. Scholars Inn just feels more upscale and a bit more like home-cooking. It’s nice to treat yourself to a nice meal once in a while, and Scholars Inn at The Bookmark[et] gives you that option.
  • The Traveler: For exciting, authentic cuisine from all around the world to feed your adventurous, or maybe even homesick, side. This also happens to be my favorite option. While some students may see this as a negative, what makes The Traveler my favorite option on this list is that the menu changes almost every day. One day, it’s Korean food, the next day it’s Thai. or French. The food is authentic and delicious and always leaves you guessing.
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: We’re in college, so coffee is pretty much a food group for us. The Coffee Bean switches it up a bit from your average Starbucks run, offering delicious, traditional coffee and tea beverages to get you through that all-nighter or mid-afternoon slump. The coffee here really is delicious, and it’s a nice change from your Keurig at home or the usual Starbucks. If you like coffee or tea, you really can’t go wrong with the Coffee Bean. The kiosk also has a really fun, cafe-like feel, which is fun.
  • Crema Dolce: ICE CREAM!!! Need I say more? Probably not, but just in case, Crema Dolce also offers gelato and other sweet frozen indulgences that will satisfy your sweet tooth. The flavors are traditional and delicious, with the occasional unique flavor thrown in. I’m a purist at heart, so I’d recommend the chocolate ice cream any day.

Every single one of the options at The Bookmark[et] Eatery is delicious and offers great options. There really is something for every mood and craving. And of course, the biggest pro of all: THEY. ACCEPT. MEAL. POINTS. The Bookmark[et] Eatery in Wells Library is definitely my new favorite on-campus place to eat, and so it gets two big thumbs up from me. Make sure to head down to the lower levels and check out all the awesome options!

Kyra Strzelczyk
Kyra Strzelczyk
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