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Eating on campus can seem like a hassle. But you pay a large sum of money for I-BUCKS, so you might as well use them! Here is a detailed list of the on-campus locations you can enjoy using I-BUCKS:


Campus Cafes at the academic buildings: These are so convenient! They sell coffee, doughnuts, bagels, small snack foods, sandwiches, etc. They open at 7:30 a.m. so these really are awesome for 8 a.m. classes!

Collins: Personally, I have only eaten at Collins once. It’s buffet style and kinda expensive but very good! They have vegan options as well as non-vegan options. (You can follow their Twitter to see their buffet options.)

El Bistro: El Bistro is home to the notorious waffles and ice cream! It is located in Read dining hall, right by Forest. They have a few other locations, but the ice cream here is very good.

Goodbody Eatery: This is the newest on-campus food option, located in the Wells quad. They have ice cream (the Chocolate Moose), Nick’s (a famous place on Kirkwood), and Asian cuisine. This food is so good! It is one of my favorite on-campus locations to eat and, as a bio major, I can just pop over from Jordan Hall or Ballantine—it’s super close to my classes. (If you like Bloomington food and the “eatery” style, then check out Bookmarket Eatery at Wells library, too!)

Gresham Food Court: Gresham is located in Northwest neighborhood in Foster. They have The Den by Denny’s, which usually has a crazy long line but is very good, Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich shop (the Spartan is my favorite), an Italian place, a Mexican place, and Asian cuisine. They also have options to purchase small snacks like Pringles or candy.

Hoosier Cafe and Store in McNutt: The C-Store is a gift from God! They have a Starbucks-like coffee shop, a sandwich shop, and groceries that you can use your I-BUCKS on! They sell almost everything you could think of from toilet paper to bagel bites to chips and salsa. The C-Stores are a personal favorite, and there are a few of them on campus.

The Restaurants at Woodlands: Forest food! I ate this food during IFS and I miss it so much. They have so many options to choose from, including a sandwich shop and smoothie place.

Wright Food Court: Wright is where you eat for orientation and it’s pretty good. And it’s convenient because it is right next to the library. They have really good pizza and chicken!

Check out the RPS website for more info on these locations!

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