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So you’ve learned all there is to know about IU’s dorms, food courts, and classes…but how does it all actually fit into daily life as a Hoosier? Today, I’m taking you with me through a day in my life–hopefully it’ll give you a glimpse of what life is like here at IU!

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

A window

8:00 am: My alarm goes off. My roommates grumble in protest, half-asleep. I scroll through today’s Poem-a-Day on my phone, then eventually tear myself from my cozy bottom bunk.

8:15 am: Breakfast! I want to grab something quick before my morning workout, so I go with what’s already in the room: greek yogurt + peanut butter + granola.

8:45 am: I head across the street to the WIC, one of IU’s two gyms. It’s a Tuesday, which means strength training and burpees. Ugh. Thankfully, I’m not alone; the gym is already bustling with other students fitting in a workout before their classes start for the day.

This week is Celebrate Every Body Week, so the locker room is decked out in purple paint, inspiring notes, and posters encouraging us to appreciate our bodies. It makes for some good pre-workout motivation!

Another window

9:45 am: I leave the WIC in a post-burpee glow (I wish), head back to Collins, and take a much-needed shower.

10:20 am: I get ready while listening to my February playlist, say goodbye to my roomies as they leave for class, and make a rough plan for the rest of the day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I don’t have class until 2:30, so I try to make the most of my free time.

Salad bar

11:00 am: First on the agenda: lunch. It’s early, but my stomach is persistent, so I head down to the Collins deli and snag some food.

11:30 am: It’s study time, and I head to my go-to spot: one of Collins’ 4 lounges, which are decked out in wood paneling and have gorgeous old windows with a view of the main quad. It’s sixty degrees and sunny today, so I open a window to let the fresh air in. If there were a Study Paradise, this would be it.


2:00 pm: I walk to my first class of the day, Spanish Literature. Campus is buzzing with people enjoying the nice weather: hammocking in the quad, playing frisbee, studying and sunbathing in the amphitheater

In Spanish class, we’re discussing Pablo Neruda, one of my favorite poets. We also take a look at a poem about female sexuality called Kinsey Report (yes, inspired by IU’s own Kinsey Institute!).

3:45 pm: I book it across campus to my next class, International Law in a Changing World. This small, seminar-style class is one of my most challenging; our professor is the dean of the Law School, Prof. Austen Parrish, and he teaches us as if we were law students. Super challenging, but beyond rewarding.

6:30 pm: A staggering 2.5 hours later, International Law is done for the day. I speed walk back to Collins for the only thing that could possibly make me speed walk at this hour, which is…

6:45 pm: Buffet! Moroccan lentil soup, roasted vegetables, tofu quiche, vegan banana pancakes…ahhh. I share some political discourse over the homestyle potatoes, and am content.

7:15 pm: My RA is hosting an event for our floor: informal discussions with our Community Educator, or CUE, about how we can better integrate international students into the IU community. I stop by her table, say hi, and chat for a while.

7:30 pm: Last week, I volunteered to participate in a study about social media and relationships, and I meet my interviewer in the lobby of Wells Library. We find an empty study room in West Tower, and talk about everything from snap streaks to Tinder to Instagram aesthetics.

9:30 pm: Homework, Part Two. I head back to Collins and troop dutifully up to the library, where a couple of my friends are already studying. I pick a cozy, well-lit corner, pull out my books, and get into the Zone.


11:30 pm: My incessant yawning is signaling me that it’s time for sleep, so I make the strenuous walk down exactly one flight of stairs to my floor and get ready for bed.

12:00 am: Aaaaand promptly get lost in conversation with my roommates. We’re all pretty busy and don’t get a chance to catch up with each other as much as we’d like, so I don’t mind forgoing some sleep to chat.

12:45 am: I hop into bed with Zadie Smith’s Feel Free as my companion, and read until I drift off to sleep.

Picture of the book

English/Cognitive Science double major, class of 2021

Hi! I'm Margaret, a current sophomore studying English and Cognitive Science. On campus, you'll find me hosting open mics and writing contests at Collins Living-Learning Center, studying narratives in a one-of-a-kind humanities lab, and geeking out over poetry at every opportunity. I've loved every moment here at IU, and I hope these blog posts help show you what makes life here so exciting!

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