5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Every January, you make a new resolution, and it seems as if you can never stick with it for more than a month. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. New Year’s resolutions are meant to challenge us and to give us the motivation to change something in our lives. Some people decide to start working out, learn a new language, or perhaps just remember to floss everyday. Whatever your resolution might be, here are five tips that will help you succeed every challenge.


  1. Do not set the bar too high 

If you never go to the gym, don’t make it your resolution to work out every day of the week. Start small: go to the gym twice a week for an hour each time. This way you still have something to work towards, but it isn’t out of your reach.


  1. Make it a team effort 

If you and a friend have the same resolution, you could be accountable for each other and make sure you are both on the right track. If the goal is to not hit ‘snooze’ in the mornings, set an alarm and call each other to make sure the other is up and ready to conquer the day.

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  1. Write down your resolution 

Put your resolution where you will be able to see it every day. Write it on a sticky note and place it over your bed, on your desk, inside your planner, or next to the door. This will remind you of the goal you set for yourself and to keep trying to attain it.

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  1. Surround yourself with words of encouragement 

Ask family members and friends to write small letters of inspiration to you. Whenever you feel like quitting, you have these notes to look at as a source of motivation. Tack them around your room so you see them frequently.


  1. Don’t give up 

If you miss a day or even a week, do not give up altogether. Try to keep a positive mind and attitude: go into each day ready to take on your goal. If you fail, just shake it off and keep trying. Remember that you have the power inside you to make the change you desire.

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Good luck with your New Year’s resolutions, Hoosiers, and I hope you make 2017 your most successful year yet!

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