5 Reasons Why Freshmen Will Love Briscoe

Which IU residence hall is the best? All of the dorms are pretty great, but I have to say Briscoe quad takes the cake! I’m going to give you the lowdown on what makes Briscoe so great:

Briscoe Hall
Briscoe, RPS

Private or semi-private bathrooms: This is a pretty big deal. My roommate and I were lucky enough to have a private bathroom, but the semi-private bathrooms come with a small living room in between rooms with a couch!

Living room
Living area, RPS

Location, location, location: Briscoe’s location the perfect location for almost everything! it’s right next to Assembly Hall and Memorial Stadium for sporting events, and if you’re into the social scene, Briscoe is closer than the other dorms to most off-campus parties. Feeling hungry? Briscoe is right next to the McNutt C-Store and Gresham Food Court.

Transportation to and from Briscoe is pretty easy too. The A bus stops right in front of Briscoe. This is especially nice in the winter for my classes in Jordan or Ballantine because I only have to walk around 30 steps total! If you want to park on campus but don’t want to pay for a CH6 permit, you can park at the stadium, which is what most freshman have to do anyways for a much cheaper price, and it’s right there! The only downside is you have to move your car for football and basketball games.

Campus on Google Maps overhead view
North Campus, Google Maps

Good for studying: This location is also pretty quiet. Your experience may vary, but my floor is so quiet. You could hear a pen drop because my RA is pretty strict, but that’s how I like it! It’s a lot easier to study. Many of my other friends in other dorms have noisy floors with little or no rules regarding quiet hours.

Free laundry: This is so awesome. I can’t explain how nice it is to not have to worry about my Crimson Cash balance to do laundry!

Briscoe laundry
Briscoe Laundry Room, RPS

Just plain cute: Lastly, the inside of the dorms are so cute and very roomy compared to other dorms on campus! Thanks for reading!

Kennedy Bunch
Kennedy Bunch

Human Bio Major, Class of 2021

I am a freshman human bio major at Indiana University Bloomington Class of 2021! Being almost a townie and familiar with the area, I'm so excited to share all of my tips and tricks of IU and the memories I make through my four years! Go Hoosiers!

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