10 Resources You Didn’t Know IUB Had

Try to put these on your IU bucket list! The campus probably has more resources for you to explore than you thought! Check out these amazing resources you didn’t know IUB has:

Plotter Printers

Ever want to print a huge poster or map? The Wells Library has a large-format plotter on the fourth floor of the West Tower (for prints up to 36″ wide). To print to a plotter, select either BL_LI_Plotter_1 or BL_LI_Plotter_2.

3D Printing

What to do for fun? How about print your own smartphone case? On the fourth floor of West Tower in the Wells Library, there is a 3D Printing lab where you can print your own object! Schedule your printing today here.

3D printing

Eye Care Clinic at School of Optometry

If you are worry about getting your eyewear or eye exam, try make an appointment at the School of Optometry. If you are worrying about the insurance, they do accept IU International Student insurance. Remember to provide your personal information, insurance card, and last four SSN digit when making your first appointment. The School of Optometry provide services include Primary Care, Cornea and Contact Lenses, Pediatrics & Binocular Vision, and more! Visit http://www.optometry.iu.edu/clinics/index.shtml to get more information!

School of Optometry

Community & Leader Development Center (CLDC)

If your project requires you to use some craft materials, come to CLDC that is located in the basement of Read Residence Hall. They provide resources such as assorted paper, FREE printing, crafts, and more! CLDC has a huge space that you can work on huge project such as bulletin board. All the materials are free, but remember to sign in!

Community and Development Center

IU Student Legal Service (SLS)

IU Student Legal Service (https://getlegal.indiana.edu/home.php) is a non-profit, on-campus law office serving only IU students. They have a staff of highly qualified attorneys and legal interns to walk you through the process of finding the solution to your legal situation.

If you are a registered IU-Bloomington student and pay your activity fee, you are entitled to our services. Not that we wish you are in any trouble, but if you do, IU SLS is here for you!

IU Student Legal Services

Movie, Music & More (MMM)

This is why I love living in a residence hall! You can borrow movies, music, and more (literally its name). They are located in following residence halls: Briscoe, Forest, Read, Spruce, Union Street Center, and Wright.

Movie, Music and More

Go check out if you need a break from studying. They have different programs each month that offers variety of choices!

Bouldering Wall

IU Outdoor Adventures (IUOA) is located at Eigenmann Residence Center where they provide bouldering wall! That’s right! You get an indoor bouldering wall! Ready to plan your weekend and challenge your climbing ability with your friends!

P.S. Beside the bouldering wall, there is also a gear shop where you can shop items boots, tents, and snowshoes.

Bouldering wall

Campus Access Deposit Machine

Want to deposit cash into your Campus Access? There are cash-to-card machines located across campus where you may deposit $5, $10, or $20 bills into the account!

The locations are: Campus View, Collins, Eigenmann Hall, Evermann, Foster, IMU, McNutt, Music Library, Read, Teter, Tulip Tree, Willkie, and Wright.

The machines look like this:

Campus Access Deposit Machine

IT Training

IT Training is provided by University Information Technology Services (UITS) where you can train your technology skills. Sometimes, these trainings requires some fees and other resources such as Lynda.com requires no fee at all for IU students! These training programs include Microsoft Office, Adobe, Web Development and more! Browse all training topics here. You can even get certified from these training if you want!

IU IT Training

Cloud Storage

Getting tired of keep on logging in every time you want to access Box or other cloud storage accounts? Use Cloud Storage (https://cloudstorage.iu.edu/) to link all your accounts to IU computers, so you can directly access them in This PC.

Cloud Storage

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